MacKenzie Slayden (Dave and Lil Winter's great granddaughter) funeral on Friday

Visitation and Funeral arrangements for Mackenzie Slayden (Infant great granddaughter of Dave and Lil Winter) are as follows:
Visitation and Funeral will be at St. John's
Visitation: 10-noon
Funeral: Noon
Luncheon to follow
Burial at Jonesburg cemetery after lunch
Ladies Aid will serve the luncheon following the funeral.  We need donations of potato salad, pasta salad, slaw, jello, vegetable salads and desserts etc.

No hot dishes. 

If you would like to donate a dish Please let Linda Callies know by e-mail, or call her at 636-456-4228.  Or you may call Nancy Peterson at 660-619-8474 or Joan Sexton at 636-456-5437.  Could use 2 PALS before service and we could also use some help with clean up after the luncheon. 
We thank you for all your service as we support the family and friends of loved ones who have passed on to their heavenly home.

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