St. John's Group Email Food and Drink Items needed for VBS

Hey all you generous brothers and sisters in Christ,
Our VBS team needs a lot of food and drink to serve the large mass of children who will be here for "Welcome to Holywood" on July 11-15.  Below is a list of items needed. 
Please call Karin at 314-691-7283 or 456-1173 to let her know what you will donate.  The list will also be up in the narthex this weekend for you to sign up. 
Please bring the items to church anytime before the start of VBS on Monday, July 11.  Office is open from 8-4:30 M-F, 3-6 Saturday and 7-noon Sunday   THE SOONER YOU BRING THE ITEMS IN THE BETTER SO THAT THOSE WORKING THE KITCHEN KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE!!
Lemonade, 10 packs
Blue punch drink, 10 packs
Orange drink, 10 packs
Grape juice, 3 large jugs
White grape juice, 4 large jugs
hotdogs, 6 packs
hot dog buns, 7 packs
apples, 3 bags
caramel dip, 5 tubs
nacho cheese, jumbo can
tortilla chips, 5 lg bags
baby carrots, 4 lg bags
celery, 60 stalks, or 4 lg bags of precut sticks
spaghetti noodles, 10 one pound boxes or bags
frozen garlic bread, 11 packages
pretzel sticks, 3 bags
pretzel rods, 6 bags
cheese cubes, 3 bags
ritz crackers, 5 boxes
summer sausage, 3 sticks
graham crackers, 6 boxes
chocolate icing, 4 cans
cream cheese icing, 4 cans
multicolored goldfish crackers, 5 jumbo boxes
flip ritz crackers, 5 boxes
cheese wiz, 6 jars/cans
blue cotton candy, 10 tubs
red rope licorice pull and twist kind, 5 bags
mini marshmallows, 10 bags
regular paper plates, 300
cups, 300 small
spoons, 300
forks 300
napkins, 600
french fries, 5 lg frozen bags
fruit cocktail, 1 jumbo can or 4 large cans
chicken nuggets, enough bags to add up to 300 nuggets

St. John's Group Email Shelter Workshop August 3

Save the date of Wednesday, August 3rd for a Red Cross Shelter Workshop at St. John's. 
Thank you,
Ruth Walters