St. John's Group Email Pastor on the radio tomorrow

I usually forget about it till the day of, but this time I remembered.  I will be on KFUO 850 AM tomorrow (Wednesday) from 10-11am. 
You can also get me on  Click on the "Listen Live" button and you are there. 
We will be doing a Bible study on John 7:1-24
Happy listening!

St. John's Group Email FW: New Development in Ruth's Health

This a message from Floyd Cantrell to everyone who knows Ruth,  please be advised that Ruth is very weak and not able to talk on the phone right now.  Please pray for her that the doctors get this figured out in a hurry:

 To All of Ruth Cantrell's Friends and Family


As some of you know Ruth was scheduled to see a specialist, Dr. Sophia Chung, at SLU last week.  Dr. Chung along with several Residents examined Ruth for over 4 hours and determined it was probable the return of the cancer at the pituitary gland area that was noted when she was in the hospital in March.  She was sent to SLU Hospital for a high resolution MRI that they have and it was confirmed that the growth on the pituitary gland had grown rapidly and this is what is causing all the eye problems.  We were then referred to the SLU Cyberknife (directional radiation) program at Lake St. Louis.  We went to see Dr. John Bedwinek Friday and he agreed with Dr. Chung's diagnosis and felt they could treat the growth on the pituitary gland with no problem with the Cyberknife program.  His main concern was her second condition of being very tired, sleepy and lethargic.  It could be several things and some are not good and it will require more testing. Ruth is scheduled for a Spinal Tap and PET scan next week to try and isolate the second condition.


I am sending this email to let people know her condition, right now she is tired and would rather not talk on the phone.  We will let everyone know her progress as anything new happens.


 Floyd for Ruth


St. John's Group Email This Just In...Challenge Extended!

Hey everyone,
This Thursday at 11am I am going to be "arrested" by the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  The main reason for this is to raise money for the MDA.  If I get $500 raised I get two tickets to a Cardinals game.  I don't expect that I will make it by tomorrow, (right now I am at $55) but if you all were waiting till the last minute, just know that the deadline is tomorrow. 
God's peace on your day!


Muscular Dystrophy Association
345 Marshall Ave  Suite #101
St. Louis, MO  63119
Lori Kirby				399
Mindy Skaggs			$350
Chris Chaney			$250
Jane Kelley			$215
Rhea Richard			$205
Meghan Whitworth		$194
Bart Hercules			$150
Kelly Davis			$140
Laura Seger			$99
Angel Johnson			$70
Jennifer Eckenfels		$60
Margie Harrell			$60
Barb Montgomery		$60
Rhonda Hammond		$60

It's not too late to make a 
difference! Keep sending your 
donation request emails out!!! 
Just click on the link below:
Call your MDA coaches if you need help!
Mandy, Ashley, Lauren, & Angela: 314-962-0023
Jeremy Klaustermeier	$55
Altha Marsh			$55
Andrew Johnson			$55
Ashley linnenbridger		$50
Connie Maher			$50
Susan Galloway			$50
Terri Loehr			$40
Holly Twellman			$35
Jennifer Dudding		$30
Linda Parker			$30
Mike Shults			$30
Mike Wendt			$30
Nick Martin			$30
Matt Goodlet			$20
Kari Terrill				$10