St. John's Group Email Prayer for Cheryl Hazel

Please pray for Cheryl Hazel. She has Stage 4 bone cancer.  She is Lils's daughter in-law's cousin .  Thanks Dave Winter

St. John's Group Email video From the board of evangelism and outreach

An awesome and powerful video that your St. John's Board of Evangelism and Outreach  would like to share with you.  Please make the time to view this, without any interruptions, sometime soon, if not today.  It is a life changer! 
We want to encourage you to use those journal sheets Pastor K provided in our bulletins this week-end.  We think this video will make Pastor's message a "visual" for you with just how urgent it is to tell others about Jesus.  May God bless you with wisdom from His Holy Spirit to go and make disciples!
God's peace on your day!
Your Board of Evangelism and Outreach