Below is a note from David Current who is in charge of the Community Home Repair Ministry in Warrenton.  Even though it is based out of College Methodist Church, anyone can be a part of it and participate. 
Please read below and decide for yourself whether this would be something in which you'd like to participate. 
Peace on your evening!

Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 15:44:24 -0600

Greetings, Friends in Christ!  You are receiving this because you or someone from your church or group has participated or shown interest in the Community Home Repair Ministry.  This ministry is based out of College United Methodist Church in Warrenton, but is open to anyone in our community to participate.  Just to refresh your memory, this is a ministry open to any group in our area who has the heart to help others in need and wishes to help a family or individual make their dwelling safer or more livable.  We receive referrals through Agape Ministry of Warren County who determines the need of the family or individual and refers them to our group.  I receive the referrals at present and we send a couple of individuals to review the projects in advance to determine if it is something that can be done by volunteers with a knowledgeable leader(s).  At present, we are not listing projects on the CUMC website and I will begin sending them to those on the above Distribution List.  If you do not wish to be on the Distribution List, please let me know.  Recent projects have included wheel chair ramps and a roof patching job, but they can vary greatly.  With spring just around the corner, the number of referrals may increase.  If you or someone from your group has an interest in reaching out to others in the name of Christ by helping in this ministry, we would love to have you participate!!  We have also had some projects done by youth groups which can be a great way to involve them in reaching out to our community.  We will provide specific information about any of the projects which come along and always let groups look at them before they make a decision to "adopt" a project.  Groups adopting projects generally provide the materials and volunteers to complete the project, but occasionally we are able to assist with funding.  Please contact me if you or someone in your group has questions or interest in this ministry!  We have many good stories of how this ministry has touched the lives of others!  Thanks for your time!

In Christ,

Dave Current, College United Methodist Church

636-456-2818 h

636-297-5077 c


St. John's Group Email Monday, February 6, 2012

But He (Christ) said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

When General Lee came up the road toward Gettysburg, there was a German lady named Hannah, who tried to protect her town. She grabbed a broom and stood in the middle of the road to block the Southern Army. With smiles the Confederates gently moved her to the side.

Years later, Hannah explained, "I didn't think I could do anything, but I wanted them to know what side I was on."

Last month, up around Anchorage, Alaska, an 85-year-old lady, Dorothea Murphy showed the world whose side she was on.

Taking his golden retrievers with him, her husband, a retired bush pilot, had gone out for a walk. He hadn't gone far before the dogs alerted, and he spotted a moose. At the same time the moose spotted him.

The husband, George, dove into a snow bank for protection. It didn't help much. The moose started to stomp him.

That's when 97-pound, 5-foot-tall Dorothea went into action. She grabbed a grain shovel and started to hit the moose. She hit the moose in the body and in the head, and the moose beat a retreat.

Understand, hitting a moose with a shovel is not a recommended practice in Alaska -- or anywhere else. Even so, Dorothea felt she had to show whose side she was on.

It was sort of like Moses at Pharaoh's court, King David standing before the giant Goliath or the apostles taking their first steps to bring the story of the Savior's salvation to the Roman world.

Each of these had to show whose side they were on.

I guess anyone who has really seen the commitment and compassion, the surrender and the sacrifice of the Savior cannot remain unmoved. That's why when the chips are down and a challenge presents itself, the Holy Spirit empowers us to action -- to do what is necessary so we might show whose side we are on.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, You have told us to take a stand for the Saviors who gave His life, so we might be forgiven and saved. There are times when taking that stand can be mighty intimidating. At such moments, replace our fear with a desire to show the world whose side we are on. This I pray in my Savior's Name. Amen.
YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:  What is an ephod?  (I am not sure who was the winner last Thursday, but here is an elongated and not completely correct answer from Pat King)
An ephod, is the fore-runner of an iPod. And people call me stupid!
Anyway, according to the Jewish encyclopedia, it has 2 – not 1!! – but 2 meanings. And they should know.
Meaning #1:
In the Old Testament this word has two meanings; in one group of passages it signifies a garment; in another, very probably an image. In the former the ephod is referred to in the priestly ordinances as a part of the official dress of the high priest, and was to be made of threads "of blue and of purple, of scarlet, and fine twined linen," and embroidered in gold thread "with cunning work" (Ex. xxviii. 4 et seq., xxix. 5, xxxix. 2 et seq.; Lev. viii. 7).
Meaning #2:
The word "ephod" has an entirely different meaning in the second group of passages, all of which belong to the historical books. It is certain that the word can not here mean a garment. This is evident in Judges viii. 26-27, where it is recorded that Gideon took the golden earrings of the Midianites, weighing 1,700 shekels of gold, and made an "ephod thereof, and put it in his city, even in Ophrah," where it was worshiped by all Israel. In Judges xvii. 5 Micah made an ephod and teraphim for his sanctuary. I Sam. xxi. 9 records that an ephod stood in the sanctuary at Nob, and that Goliath's sword was kept behind it. In these passages it is clear that something other than a mantle or article of attire is meant. Even where the phrase "to carry" the ephod occurs, it is evident from the Hebrew "nasa'" that reference is made to something carried in the hand or on the shoulder (comp. I Sam. xxiii. 6).
The most natural inference from all these passages is that "ephod" here signifies an image that was set up in the sanctuary, especially since the word is cited with Teraphim, which undoubtedly refers to an image (comp. Hosea iii. 4). This assumption obtains strong confirmation from the fact that in Judges xvii. 3 et seq., which is compiled from two sources, the words "pesel" and "massekah" (graven image and molten image) are used interchangeably with "ephod" and "teraphim."
TODAY'S QUIZ: How many Levites were counted by Moses and Aaron according to their clans, including every male a month old or more?  (Hint: It's in the book of Numbers)
Close of the commandments
Question: Why does God threaten such punishment?
Answer: God threatens such punishment to make us ffear His anger, so that we do not act against His commandments. 
Mon- confirmation 5-6; Steak Dinner and Auction meeting 6pm; Youth leave to go bowling at 6:30
Tues- quilters 9-2; primary day
Wed- bells 6:30; choir 7:30
Thurs- Bible study at Hendershot's 7pm
Fri- nothing
Sat-  worship 5pm; STEAK DINNER AND AUCTION 6pm
Sun- Bible Study 8; worship 9; Bible Study and Sunday school 10:15; WORSHIP 11am 
Final Steak DINNER/AUCTION MEETING tonight at 6pm!  All 7-12 graders and their parents should be there to give updates and get instructions about this coming Friday and Saturday.
High School Kids will be leaving around 6:30 to go bowling at Brunswick Zone.   Let me know if you will be joining us. 
Even though there weren't as many people there yesterday because our preschool kids weren't singing, we still had a great congregation and all were blessed with God's Word and Sacraments!  Keep inviting and bringing your friends, family, and all who need to grow in Christ.  SO PRETTY MUCH BRING EVERYONE!!! 
The only way our worship attendance is going to grow and our church is going to grow is if EVERYONE gets involved, EVERYONE invites people to church, and EVERYONE promotes St. John's and the wonderful blessings that God provides here, namely HIS WORD, HIS SACRAMENTS, AND HIS FELLOWSHIP!
PROJECTOR SCHEDULE:  Just a few dates left.  PLEASE SIGN UP!   
March 25-  9am-                                            11am-
Mar 31-
Apr 1- (Palm Sunday)  9am-                                     
Here's the dates I have left:
Feb 12-
Feb 19-
March 11-
March 25-
April 1-
Another person signed up yesterday!!!
What is it?  Bible 101 is a new online product from Concordia Publishing House that increases Biblical literacy in adults. 
It is for all levels of learning and knowledge.  Even pastors learn things from this course. 
Participants simply log into Bible 101 and enter an online learning environment.  Members start out by learning essential Bible basics from "square one" and then build upon that as they progress through the course.
Here are som of the features of Bible 101
online- uses proven online educational strategies and models that facilitate retention among multiple learning styles.
videos- throughout the week, participants can access videos that relate to the lesson
discussion forum- participants are not left on their own as they are connected to a community where they can correspond, question, and encourage each other.
podcasts- daily devotional for each weekday
quizzes- test your knowledge and easily benchmakr where you are in your learning cycle.
printing- easily print the materials for even more easy access. 
Please call or reply to this email to let me know that you want to sign up for this wonderful opportunity.  I will sign you up!  The congregation has already paid the annual fee so IT IS FREE for you!!!
All who want to go need to sign up.  Directions on how to sign up are as follows:
1. Go to
2. Click on "volunteer in Joplin"
3. Go to bottom of page and click on "click here to register individually"
4. Fill out all of the required info. (Your group's name is St John's Warrenton, MO)
5. Click submit at the end of the page.
Let me know if you want to go.  ALL ADULTS ARE WELCOME!!!!
Youth are selling dinner/auction tickets in the narthex after services. Tickets are $15 per person.  Bid only tickets are $5.00.   You may also contact Marilyn to reserve tickets.
In order to guarantee that you get to sit with a special group of family or friends, you may want to consider purchasing a table of 8 for $120.
The Youth Group Steak Dinner and Auction has been set for Saturday, February 11, 2012.   Doors will open at 6:00 p.m. and dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.  Please join us for a night of fun and fundraising.  We will be having the old favorites:  silent auction  and 50/50 drawing as well as the new favorites: live auction, dessert dash, wine raffle, and the WILD HEARTS JACKPOT DRAWING where there is a chance to win $500.00.
Tickets for the WILD HEARTS $500 DRAWING are on sale now.  Please ask a youth group member to get  yours.  The tickets are 1 for $10 but for an additional $10 you can get 10 more tickets and have 11 chances at winning! 
Each time you purchase flowers and other gifts from A MOMENT OF GRACE and tell them you are a member at St. John's, the church receives a tithe from them.   A Moment of Grace is located at 511 N Hwy 47 and the phone number is 456-9334.
PRAYERS: (If I have missed anyone please let me know.)
For KENNETH DOVE, Jennfier Figura's dad, and former member of St. John's, who is dealing with an aneurysm in his stomach area and will findo ut soon, whether he will have surgery or not. 
For ED KOHRS, BETTY TAMELER, AND ANNA HOELSCHER who all have returned home after time spent in the nursing home recovering from illness, injury and surgery
For a dear friend of Tony and Sandra Perricone JACKIE SNEAD who is undergoing a double masectomy today.
For HANK SCHMIDT who is going through radiation treatments for stage 2 lung cancer.
For ROSETTA JONES who is recovering from a broken hip at St Jospeh's hospital rehab.
For MRS SISSON (1st grade teacher at Daniel Boone) AND HER NEW BABY, CHLOE, as they both grow stronger with each passing day.  Baby Chloe has about 2 mor emonths in the hospital.   
For KEN WAGNER who is home and is doing well, although he still has a LONG way to go.
For JONAS BORCHERT, grandson of Don Nolte, who continues to be up and down because of chemotherapy treatments.   



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