Libby Pailer update

Lib had an aterial scan of the heart, an echo scope,but Cardiologist coulnd't get her to swallow the throat echo scanner. Her blood pressure came down after they took some fluid away from her lungs. That was causing the pressure on her chest. The Cardiologist said with certainty that the valve was operable. He didn't sound overly cautious. She was transferred to Mercy hospital on ballas road St. Louis at 4:00 PM. She will not be operated  on Tuesday. The surgeon has patients that are in bad shape and need to be operated as soon as possible. Tuesday will be more tests and rest. There is no garantee that she will be operated on wednesday either. I will up date when I know more, Thank all of you for your prayers. Keep "em coming.
Love to you all from Lib and I

updated prayers for Leonard Waalen

Please pray for Leonard Waalen and for his family as he is being put on hospice care and is nearing the end of his life.  

Peace be with you all!

Subject: prayers for Leonard Waalen
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 08:25:14 -0500

Please pray for Leonard Waalen who is hospitalized at Progress West in Ofallon with pneumonia.  

prayers for Leonard Waalen

Please pray for Leonard Waalen who is hospitalized at Progress West in Ofallon with pneumonia.  

more prayers for Libby Pailer

Hello everyone. This morning 3/11/12 at about 5:30 Am Lib woke me and said we have to go to the emergency room in Washington MO. She was admitted with Tightness of breath, upset stomach, and gurgling in her chest. They took a cardiagram. It showed some fibbulation. The worst was her blood pressure. It was 205 over 145. They spent the morning trying to get that down with meds and IVs. One time it would be lower then spike again.The cardiologist came in around 2PM. He told Lib,Teresa, Suzy, and I that she had leakage in the Mitral and aterial valves. They are monitoring her in ICU. Tommorrow they will take a throat to heart echo scope. That is to take a closer look at the valves. After that they will give her an aterial to heart scope. They will know more as to how to procede after the tests. That won't be until the afternoon. I will keep all informed. Keep up the prayers. My Libby has apositive outlook and is in good spirits. She says the Lord will take care of her. Please Please keep up your prayers.