What CCCS/Leadachild does-- Children praying for children in South Africa

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Being a part of LeadaChild, there are many opportunities to connect with people in other parts of the world.  However, there are fewer moments to see into the lives of the students we touch.  We recently received a report from our education site in South Africa.  In it was a letter from the teacher of five-year-old Nomonde Shabalala.  She is an orphan and being raised by a caretaker.  She had no money for school, but received a scholarship when she was three. Since then, she has changed from a shy, quiet girl who would not even interact with other children to a little girl who sings and dances, plays and prays.
Her teacher told us, "You are changing the world.  You are bringing back dignity through your support to those who...don't have the funds to learn."
What a blessing to be able to make such a direct impact on the life of a child!  Other funds to South Africa allowed for simple things- Bibles for each child and a trip to the zoo so the kids could see the animals they were learning about in class.  Please be prayerful about your support for LeadaChild- it is at work everyday around the world.
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