St. John's Group Email One more prayer request

Please pray for Lil Winter as she will be undergoing knee replacement surgery on June 24.

St. John's Group Email prayer request from Barb Dreyer

My very dear and favorite Uncle Gene (Leek) passed away Wed. evening.  He had been battling lung cancer (even though he never smoked) since Nov. and on hospice care since Feb. 

St. John's Group Email prayer request for Hope Tinnin's mom

Please pray for HOPE TINNIN'S MOTHER as she found out that she has stage four cancer that has spread throughout much of her body.  Pray for the Tinnin family as they go up to Peoria to be with the family tonight. 

St. John's Group Email Amazing photos of a sculpture of Christ on the cross

Attached are some extremely realistic pictures of a sculpture of Jesus on the cross.  They tried to get every detail as close to real as possible. 
I want to warn you that it is a bit gruesome.  It is VERY realistic.  Look at the pictures at your own discretion. 

St. John's Group Email prayer request

Please pray for Oscar Bader as he recovers from brain surgery to get a biopsy of a mass on his brain.