St. John's Group Email Youth to do Highway 47 clean-up Sunday, May 1

We are planning for all Youth to do Hwy 47 clean-up on Sunday, May 1 (weather permitting).  We will meet in the Youth room after the service to have a devotion and then head out.  Afterwards we will go to Binkley park and have a picnic lunch.  Please put this in your email and the announcements for next week.  I will text/email everyone put it helps when it's in the announcements.
Thanks and peace on your day : )  
Toni  Mauch
Branch Office Administrator
Edward Jones
611 Salt Lick Road
St Peters, MO  63376
(636) 978-9665
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St. John's Group Email Update on Naomi Johnson's cousin

I wanted to let you know that I visited my cousin yesterday and she has made a miraculous recovery.  She has survived pneumonia, congestive heart failure and a heart attack while being severely diabetic.  She is doing so well that she is to go home today.

Thanks so much for everyone's prayers.


Naomi Johnson

Warrior Ridge

2nd Grade