St. John's Group Email Prayer request from Molly hendershot

Please pray for Marcus as he has an interview with Stephen F. Austin University in TX. on next Thursday and Friday.  Please pray that he will get the position.  He has a wife and home in Dallas, and that would get him closer to home so he could be in Dallas every weekend. 

St. John's Group Email prayer request for Amy Heggeman

This prayer request is from Ruth Walters, and the update about Amy is below.  Please continue to pray for her and her recovery.
Peace be with you all!


Hello Prayer Warriors,

I don't even want to look at how long it has been since I last updated you.  It is certainly not because Amy hasn't progressed further.   On the contrary.  Amy continues to improve.  Thanks to her husband continuing with his "tough love", her home help; Sharon - who is amazing and therapy through Logan Chiropractic College and Dr. Ginger with Sport n Spine Chiropractic in Warrenton, up until just recently.

The boys continue to be busy with school and then whatever season they are in; soccer, football and soon it will be baseball.  I think the fall was crazy busy back and forth juggling soccer with Sam and football with Justin.  I do recall that Justin's team went to the "superbowl" with his team.  Exciting times!

Until just recently, Amy has had continued therapy at Logan Chiropractic College twice a week; where they focused on the bottom half -  legs, etc..  And then twice a week at Sport n Spine Chiropractic with Dr. Ginger; worked on the top half - arms and such.  The combination of this therapy has reached the point of Amy walking with assistance.  That's right!!  Walking!  Some of you have maybe seen Amy around Warrenton.  I do believe that at one point Dr. Ginger challenged Amy to walk down the street to the Bakery and she would buy her a donut.  Well, Amy certainly didn't turn that down :)  And I believe Amy walked in to Carson's ice cream. 

Amy does wear a brace on her left calf/ankle/foot when she is walking.  It is a newer brace probably within the last 6-8 months.  It does a better job and hurts Amy less than the one before; but because it hurts she doesn't wear it as maybe she should.  But it holds the foot and ankle in place so that she can take the steps forward.  I say "walked".  She is walking with assistance on both sides of her or she can use a walker.  Either way, isn't this incredibly exciting!!???

How far you ask?  Over Christmas break, Justin on one side and Sharon on the other; Amy walked 50 yards without stopping.   Understand that Amy is not jumping up and grabbing the walker and off she goes.  She still needs assistance getting up to the standing position and then into the wheelchair.  Sharon is having Amy use the walker on every trip to the bathroom at home.  And that is a lot of trips!  Let  me explain.  (Well actually Sharon has a time schedule now, that will make sense after the next paragraph)

This is actually something you can pray specifically about.  Might seem minor and in fact personal, but hey if we are specific in prayer it can make all the difference.  Basically,  Amy feels like she has to "p" but when she gets in the bathroom she can't and doesn't.  This can go on all day.  And this is not only frustrating for Amy but challenging for the care giver of the day. (The up and down and up and down from sofa to chair to toilet and back) Trust me!  The few days I have had the pleasure of Amy time............I think we went to the bathroom 5 times before Noon!  Because........what if...........this time is THE time???  So, there ya go - pray that Amy can "p" when she gets to the bathroom or that her brain gives the signal when her bladder is really ready????  Not sure what is going on, because this wasn't a problem before?? 

 That doggone right ankle.  That is another specific to pray about.  It is still twisted crooked.  It is better and it is more flexible, but it still naturally goes crooked or turns in.  There is some good news for the future in relation to this ankle. 

Certainly everyone has been working with the ankle; Logan, Ginger and even I see Amy and Bob working to bend it and stretch it back in place.  Amy has built up the strength in her core and her right leg that I saw her lift it up and cross it over the left or lift it up and pull that foot up to rest across her left knee.  So cool.

This past week Amy revisited Dr. Worth.  He is the Neurologist/Chiropractor in Fenton.  Dr. Worth was AMAZED  how far she has come since he saw her 2 years ago.  AMAZING....for Dr. Worth, he was able to talk with Amy and Sharon didn't have to interpret, he could understand Amy just fine.  During her visit, Amy had e-stem therapy on her ankle and more good news.  Dr. Worth from about 2 feet away from Amy's face, asked her to stare at his nose.  When Amy did her right eye opened up further and teared up.  He said something fired in the brain that hasn't been that is why she teared up.  (They did an vision test and her vision is fine on both sides - I think it always has been.)  He wants to work at getting things to "fire" in the brain so that progress continues and can be maintained.  Her eye still doesn't track with the left and is only about half open compared to her strong left eye. 

Amy went this week to get fitted for a different brace or modify the one she has.  Dr. Worth is also ordering a super padded night brace for Amy to wear.  It will hold that right ankle in the proper position.   He is concerned about the future since it has been crooked for all this time.

So cool.  Dr. Ginger had a baby girl last week.  Congrats to she and Dr. Josh!   So that is why her therapy has stopped locally.  But, with the revisit to Dr. Worth new doors will open for progress.

So we can send prayers of thanksgiving for the 4 interns that worked with Amy at Logan College and Dr. Ginger for making soooo much happen over the past almost 2 years.  So now, in a nutshell Dr. Worth is going to work with the brain.  He said the brain is what will help her maintain all of this progress she has had up to this point.  Isn't this awesome!!!!???? GOD is SO GOOD.  Doors close and doors open.  GOD has a plan!  And as Sharon said; Amy has so much to look forward to in this life.  So much more to do!!!! 

Amy's goal is to walk down the aisle to re-marry Bobby.  When you ask her what can people pray for and she says for her to walk.   -that is it.  To walk.  Specifically down the church aisle. :)

Amy's biggest blessing this past year has been Sharon.  Sharon is amazing.  She has the tough love attitude to push and encourage Amy to keep moving forward each and every day.  She can reason and talk Amy through tough days.  And Sharon loves Amy and visa versa.  There have been tears with Amy's first steps and so on.  Now Sharon will tell you that they fight and yell at each other but then minutes later everything is fine.  Sharon also being a Mom, she can speak right up when the boys need some direction :) (I hear that a very hot summer was a challenge with 2 boys).  She and Amy take the boys in to school every day.  She has been their biggest asset this past year.  They consider her a part of their family.  In fact, Bobby knew Sharon had been wanting a new car for Christmas so he got her one!  That's right!  Ok...well, it was a Hot Wheel little car, but it was CAR, Bobby said!  Sharon thought it was hilarious :)

Amy's speech and communication is better all the time.  Of course the more you are around her the more you can understand her.  She laughs at me when I can't understand I get her to spell the words.  She was trying to tell me where their white car was at and I just couldn't understand.  She spelled Gastorf.  That in itself is an accomplishment - ha!  She will ask you the same question throughout the day; but I think that is because she is wanting to talk more but her brain only comes up with that same question again.  So, Sharon will tell her now; ask me something different Amy.  So, now she asks her what color is her underwear today?  They end of laughing in the end.

She cracks a joke or will toss in some sarcasm in conversation.  She will speak back and forth in conversation, but not as fast as you and I would (YET).  Many of you ask me if she knows what is going on and what has and is happening.  YES.  Her memory of the specific accident is not clear but she knows what happened. Recently she said to me "I'm sorry."  Why?  "For having my accident."  I said, I know.  It's ok, Amy.  "It wasn't my fault."  I know.  "I lost control of my car." 

Check this out!!!  Amy went to have a massage at her previous place of employment; Chiropractic office in Wentzville.  Bobby had her to walk in with the walker into the office.  All the girls where ecstatic!  Cheering and smiles!!!  So exciting!!!  One of her colleagues said they thought they would never see the day.

Please pray consistently for Sharon's back.  She is in great pain.  The physical part of working with Amy is a strain for Sharon but she is tough cookie.  But tough cookie aside, an aching back is sometimes unbearable.  She needs healing.  Based on the next 4 weeks if her pain doesn't improve she is up for possible surgery.  She has a compressed vertebrate.  It is a serious situation.  Please pray for her healing.  God is still in the healing business.

I had a thought.  Wish I would have thought of it sooner than now.  I asked Amy, Bobby and Sharon's permission to start a Facebook Group.  WE can post thoughts, prayers, encouragement and positive comments for Amy.  If you see Amy somewhere and want to post how she is doing or how you were together, please do so.  So, if you would like to be a member of this Group "Amy's Prayer Warriors", then friend me on Facebook "Lynda Stuermann Chandler" or if you are already a friend then message me that you want to be in the group.  It will be a closed group for only those invited.  I figure this will keep everyone updated a bit sooner with at least tid bits, rather than me and my novel emails :)

Well, hopefully the next Amy Update won't be quite so long.  But, no guarantees.  Thank you for being a prayer warrior and thank you for passing this on just like you did from the very beginning, 4 1/2 years ago.  Prayers make a difference. 

Farewell for now.  Guess I'll be seeing some of you then on Facebook!

Love, Lynda
636-456-4135 or 636-359-1110 call or text
Love, Lynda

St. John's Group Email Friday, February 10, 2012

Now Abraham was old, well advanced in years. And the LORD had blessed Abraham in all things. And Abraham said to his servant, the oldest of his household, who had charge of all that he had, "Put your hand under my thigh." Genesis 24:1-2

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The salvation story of Jesus Christ reaches around the world. So that the readers of our Daily Devotion may see the power of the Savior on a global scale, we have asked the volunteers of our International Ministry Centers to write our Friday devotions. We pray that the Spirit may touch your day through their words.

In Christ, I remain, His servant and yours,
Kenneth R. Klaus
Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour

In the entire Old Testament, great value is placed on faithful servants.

Amazingly, in the New Testament, God, Himself, comes to earth in the form of a Servant. Having seen the example of the Redeemer who gave Himself for our salvation, servanthood is seen not just as acceptable, but as the God-given calling of all believers.

Of course, there are standards by which a servant is judged. You will not be surprised if I say the opinion which matters most is that of the master. The opinion of anyone else is simply not of consequence.

So it is when we, by the power of the Holy Spirit, become servants of God. From the moment faith is placed within our hearts, we need no longer care about satisfying anybody else. The only nod of approval we need comes from our Master, the Lord.

If you wish to consider this role of servanthood, may I hold out for your consideration Abraham's own servant. We know he is a good example because Abraham thought the man to be exceptional and put him in charge of all his belongings.

In Exodus 24 Abraham's servant is asked to go and get a wife for Isaac, Abraham's son. If you read the chapter, you will see a number of ways the servant proved himself faithful.

1. He understood his orders. So often we catch a glimpse of a divine mission and dash off without knowing the limits of our assignment. But the experienced servant of Abraham, before setting out on his journey, made sure he understood what he was to do.

2. He knew how to wait. Having placed in God's hands the choice of a wife for his master's son, he held his peace, "... to learn whether or not the Lord had made his journey successful" (Genesis 24:21b). Only after the sign from God was given, did he draw from his saddlebags an enormous ring and two golden bracelets.

3. He put his master's interest first. After the long trek, Abraham's servant was surely tired and hungry. Rebekah's family invited him to stay and enjoy their hospitality. Abraham's servant said, "... 'Do not detain me, now that the Lord has granted success to my journey. Send me on my way so I may go to my master'" (Genesis 24:56b). Abraham's servant considered what he was doing more than a job; it was something that came ahead of everything else.

Servanthood. In a world where every man considers himself the equal of all, servanthood is a hard concept to grasp. Still it is what we do to glorify the Savior who lived, suffered, died and rose, so we might be freed from the slavery of sin, death and devil.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, Jesus gave Himself for my salvation. Now may my life be thankfully and gladly spent in His service. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Biography of Author: Today's international devotion was written by a dear friend and co-worker of Lutheran Hour Ministries in Uganda: Charles I. Bameka. He has served for years as the director of LHM's effort in Uganda. From its ministry center in Kampala, volunteers and staff reach out helping people in need through Equipping the Saints (ETS), Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC), choir, dramatic presentations and the television program, This is the Life. Ministering to those living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda (there are more than 500,000 afflicted with this condition) is a critical aspect of LHM's mission there.

YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:  Name one of the leaders who became insolent and rose up against Moses, because they thought that Moses and Aaron had set themselves above the rest of the Israelites, saying "You have gone too far!  The whole community is holy, every one of them, and the Lord is with them.  Why then do you set yourselves above the Lord's assembly?"  Korah, Dathan and Abiram  (Dolores Deblaze is the new champion.)
TODAY'S QUIZ:  Why did the snakes bite the people?
Close of the commandments
Question: How carefully does God want us to keep His commandments?
Answer: perfectly in thoughts, words, and deeds
Fri- 7-12 graders and parents begin setting up for the steak dinner/auction at 3pm
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7th-12th graders please be at church right after school tonight (3pm) to help get ready for the steak dinner and auction.
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Participants simply log into Bible 101 and enter an online learning environment.  Members start out by learning essential Bible basics from "square one" and then build upon that as they progress through the course.
Here are som of the features of Bible 101
online- uses proven online educational strategies and models that facilitate retention among multiple learning styles.
videos- throughout the week, participants can access videos that relate to the lesson
discussion forum- participants are not left on their own as they are connected to a community where they can correspond, question, and encourage each other.
podcasts- daily devotional for each weekday
quizzes- test your knowledge and easily benchmakr where you are in your learning cycle.
printing- easily print the materials for even more easy access. 
Please call or reply to this email to let me know that you want to sign up for this wonderful opportunity.  I will sign you up!  The congregation has already paid the annual fee so IT IS FREE for you!!!
All who want to go need to sign up.  Directions on how to sign up are as follows:
1. Go to
2. Click on "volunteer in Joplin"
3. Go to bottom of page and click on "click here to register individually"
4. Fill out all of the required info. (Your group's name is St John's Warrenton, MO)
5. Click submit at the end of the page.
Let me know if you want to go.  ALL ADULTS ARE WELCOME!!!!
Youth are selling dinner/auction tickets in the narthex after services. Tickets are $15 per person.  Bid only tickets are $5.00.   You may also contact Marilyn to reserve tickets.
In order to guarantee that you get to sit with a special group of family or friends, you may want to consider purchasing a table of 8 for $120.
The Youth Group Steak Dinner and Auction has been set for Saturday, February 11, 2012.   Doors will open at 6:00 p.m. and dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.  Please join us for a night of fun and fundraising.  We will be having the old favorites:  silent auction  and 50/50 drawing as well as the new favorites: live auction, dessert dash, wine raffle, and the WILD HEARTS JACKPOT DRAWING where there is a chance to win $500.00.
Tickets for the WILD HEARTS $500 DRAWING are on sale now.  Please ask a youth group member to get  yours.  The tickets are 1 for $10 but for an additional $10 you can get 10 more tickets and have 11 chances at winning! 
Each time you purchase flowers and other gifts from A MOMENT OF GRACE and tell them you are a member at St. John's, the church receives a tithe from them.   A Moment of Grace is located at 511 N Hwy 47 and the phone number is 456-9334.
PRAYERS: (If I have missed anyone please let me know.)
For A GOOD FRIEND OF CHRISTY WINN who has been diagnosed with cancer for the fifth time and is pregnant. 
For ANNA HOELSCHER who is in the ICU with internal bleeding.
For TAMMY MILLER and her family as her grandpa passed away last night only a few days after her grandma. 
For DOUG HERZOG as his mom went to heaven yesterday.
 For KENNETH DOVE, Jennfier Figura's dad, and former member of St. John's, who is dealing with an aneurysm in his stomach area and will findo ut soon, whether he will have surgery or not. 
For ED KOHRS and BETTY TAMELER who all have returned home after time spent in the nursing home recovering from illness, injury and surgery
For a dear friend of Tony and Sandra Perricone JACKIE SNEAD who is undergoing a double masectomy today.
For HANK SCHMIDT who is going through radiation treatments for stage 2 lung cancer.
For ROSETTA JONES who is recovering from a broken hip at St Jospeh's hospital rehab.
For MRS SISSON (1st grade teacher at Daniel Boone) AND HER NEW BABY, CHLOE, as they both grow stronger with each passing day.  Baby Chloe has about 2 mor emonths in the hospital.   
For KEN WAGNER who is home and is doing well, although he still has a LONG way to go.
For JONAS BORCHERT, grandson of Don Nolte, who continues to be up and down because of chemotherapy treatments.   


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