St. John's Group Email FW: Heitgerd Funeral Luncheon

Ladies Aid will serve a luncheon following the Heitgerd Funeral at St. John's after mourners return from the cemetery, about 12:00 noon Friday, June 17th.  We need donations of salads and desserts only. No hot dishes.

If you would like to donate a salad please call Jan Lucas on her cell phone, 636-578-8380.
If you wish to donate a dessert please call Wilma Weigle @ 636-456-9684.

We could use some help with clean up after the luncheon since some of our ladies are unavailable to serve. Please let me know by e-mail, or call me at 636-456-4228.

We appreciate anything you can do to help.
May God bless your day, Linda Callies