St. John's Group Email LCMS President Harrison testimony before House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform's hearing today

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Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
On Thursday, Synod President Matthew C. Harrison was one of several witnesses to provide testimony during the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform's hearing, "Lines Crossed: Separation of Church and State. Has the Obama Administration Trampled on Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Conscience?"
In case you missed the hearing, you can watch a video and read a full transcript of President Harrison's testimony on the LCMS website here. You also can read the written testimony, submitted before the hearing, which will become a part of the Congressional Record.
The LCMS views the recent birth control mandate from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as one that infringes on our religious rights. Harrison told the committee members: "While we are opposed in principle, not to all forms of birth control, but only abortion-causing drugs, we stand with our friends in the Catholic Church and all others, Christians and non-Christians, under the free exercise and conscience provisions of the U.S. Constitution. Religious people determine what violates their consciences, not the federal government."
We implore you to keep the country and our elected leaders in your prayers.
"To paraphrase Martin Luther, the heart and conscience has room only for God, not for God and the federal government," Harrison said. "The bed is too narrow, the blanket is too short. We must obey God rather than men, and we will."
God bless you all!




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St. John's Group Email Jonas update



Jonas's Updates

Tuesday, February 14th

Posted 19 hours ago
Jonas got out of the hospital last Saturday and will go back into the hospital on Friday for five days of chemo. Originally, he was scheduled for this cycle two weeks ago this coming Wednesday -- but the infections put that on hold. They called and asked us to be there this Wednesday, but gave us the option to wait until Friday. Well, that was a no-brainer for us. Two more days would not hurt anything at this point and would acutally be a welcome breather. So, Jonas has two more days to recouperate.
Some of you may have heard that Luke Minx, the older brother of Jonas' twin friends, Chris and Nick Minx, is on American Idol this year. Luke is uber-talented, a great role model, and has such a loving family. I'm telling you about him because he is writing a song for Jonas called Hold On. It is beautiful!!! So far there is only a preview snippet you can watch and Jonas can't wait to hear the rest! You can go to YouTube and type in Hold On Jonas Borchert or copy and paste the link (oh yeah, don't forget to grab a tissue):
Jonas said to tell you that you can go on Facebook and join Team Luke Minx. We think he's fantastic and Hold On is an inspiration. I know what I will be singing in the tough moments ahead. Hold On.
Today is Valentine's Day and I hope this message finds you celebrating with the one's you love. Today, our hearts are full here at the Borchert household. If nothing else, cancer sure makes you appreciate all the things you love in this life. The love of dear family and friends is number one. Thank you all for helping us to remember that. Hold your loved ones close tonight and cherish the memories. They all seem to fly by so fast.

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Posted 3 hours ago
Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers always! Love you all!!! xoxoxo
Keep Fighting the Fight lil man!!!
Love, Amy
Posted 6 hours ago
WOW! That is such a beautiful song. Jonas must be pleased. We are rooting for Jonas! We love you!
Posted 8 hours ago
Hi guys! Glad you are getting a couple more days at home. And, wow, how cool is that song! Jonas, you are such an inspiration to so many people and have touched so many hearts. We love you and will see you soon!
Posted 8 hours ago
A song about Jonas? How cool is that! Great to hear that things are going better now and the infection is behind him.
Posted 17 hours ago
Hey Jonas! :) It makes me feel SO happy to know that you are getting better. :D . I remember last year when you wore a northface jacket and and everyone noticed that you looked fantastic in it. So you are obviously the reason those jackets are so popular at PLMS. I hope your day is brighter knowing that you are the biggest fashion king and that you choose what middleschoolers wear. :)You are in my prayers every day and I know that God loves you! :) Have a very Happy-pappy Valentines day. I will cya soon. :)
Your bud, Aimee Aletano AKA-aimeenator! :)
Posted 18 hours ago
Happy Valentine's day to all of you!!! Can't wait to hear the rest of Luke's song - what an inspiration! Glad you could get a break Jonas!!!
Posted 18 hours ago
Wow what a beautiful song and talented musician...that's so awesome! Hope your visit to Children's goes smoothly this week and Jonas is back home before you know it!
Welcome, angie

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St. John's Group Email Anna Hoelscher visitation and funeral

Anna Hoelscher's visitation is today, Thursday, 4-8pm at Pitman funeral home in WARRENTON.
Funeral will be FRIDAY, at 10am AT ST JOHN'S, burial will immediately follow the funeral, and then the luncheon will follow the burial. 
Peace be with you all!

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St. John's Group Email Food for Anna Hoelscher's funeral luncheon

Food for Anna Hoelscher's funeral luncheon are needed.  We anticipate 100 people will attend.  If you can help please call Lil Winter at 636-585-2525.  We need salads and desserts, serving 8 or more.  You may also respond to Linda Callies by e-mail  at   

We appreciate the kindness  of our St. John's family.  

Linda Callies

On Feb 15, 2012, at 5:05 PM, jeremy klaustermeier wrote:

Anna Hoelscher's visitation is tomorrow, Thursday, 4-8pm at Pitman funeral home in WARRENTON. 
Funeral will be at 10am, burial will immediately follow the funeral, and then the luncheon will follow the burial.  
Peace be with you all!

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