St. John's Group Email prayer requests

I have run out of time to do a daily email for today, but I wanted to get these prayer requests out:
1.  For NORBERT HEITGERD who is on hospice and nearing the end of his days on the earth unless the Lord does a miracle. 
2. For RUTH CANTRELL  (her update is below)
To All Ruth's Friends and Family
We went to see Dr. John Bedwinek Friday at the SLU Cyberknife (directional radiation) program at Lake St. Louis.   They had been reviewing the biopsy report, it was strange looking and was even presented to the greater St. Louis Tumor Review Group.  They could not tell what type of cells these were only that they did not like them, they are cancer cells just don't know what type.  They have to determine the type before treatment,  The have sent these cells to a prominent pathologist along with some of her old lung tissue for comparison.  We would prefer that it be some type of pituitary cancer and not a spread of the lung cancer.  We have to wait until the staples are removed prior to starting the Cyberknife treatment.   That will be 20 Jun 2011, we will then be able to get her mask made for the treatment on the 20 or 21 Jun and treatment started soon thereafter. 
Keep Ruth in your thoughts and Prayers as she goes through this treatment.
3. For GUS KLAUSTERMEIER as he has a fever and is feeling really sick today. 
These two are the most urgent prayers. 
Peace be with you today!