St. John's Group Email Monday, August 15, 2011

DEVOTION:   Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea -- the LORD on high is mighty. Psalm 93:4

Many of our Daily Devotion readers are acquainted with the name, Mick Onnen, president of the International Lutheran Laymen's League and that organization's public persona, Lutheran Hour Ministries. Since his presidency, Mick has sent out a weekly prayer list to our organization's leaders. Recently that list was accompanied by the devotion, which follows. Presented with only the smallest of changes, I share it because of its value and because I wanted you to know the kind of leaders our organization has.
Pastor Ken Klaus

Last week, my extended family vacationed in the Colorado Rockies and we enjoyed a new experience.

We older ones in the crowd rafted a stretch of the Colorado River which was somewhat swollen from the heavy snowmelt.

It was a bit turbulent. Even so, for a man who originates from a state appropriately named "Flat Waters" by the Native Americans (Nebraska), it was fun and exhilarating.

Our kids, on the other hand, rafted the swollen and very challenging Clear Creek, west of Denver. It is a stream with fast-moving white water, treacherous rocks and whirlpools. I offered a lot of prayers that day -- not for our group -- but for the kids.

Although guides are present on the rafts trips, swollen rivers can be unpredictable and dangerous. I was glad when we got the call that the kids had finished the ride and were on their way home.

It wasn't until they arrived at our cabin that we learned my daughter-in-law had twice been thrown out of the raft ... along with the guide. (They told me the guide had only been dunked one time in the last five years). By God's grace, they had been plucked out of the water before a dangerous whirlpool engulfed them or they were smacked against a rock.

My son's comment after the ride was "Now I can say that I've done it, but I don't have a desire to do it again."

For that comment I said another prayer of thanks!

Thinking upon the adventure, I've concluded mountain streams can pack a lot of power as they tumble and roar down the mountainside. Those who have experienced the force of floodwaters can attest to the strength of water.

But as powerful as is a mighty river, the LORD on high is mightier.

It is a comfort to know that at all times, even when the waters surround and engulf us (or the problems of the world weigh heavy upon us), the LORD is in control for He is mightier than all the force of the sea. Truly, "... God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:1b).

For that, I say a little prayer of thanks.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, I give thanks for Your power and strength. For bringing us through dangerous waters, for using that power in the Person of Your Son to defeat sin, death, and devil and win my salvation, I praise Your Name. In Jesus' Name I praise You. Amen.

YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:   How long was Zedekiah king?  11 years (Is Doug Herzog ever going to be dethroned? 
(Note: You almost have to be at your computer and answer the question as soon as it pops into your email to beat Doug to the punch.)
TODAY'S QUiZ: What did Ezekiel do to his hair as part of his prophecy against Israel?
Mon- nothing
Tues- Quilters 9-2; NO Bible study (Pastor and family are going to spend the day at Six Flags using the season passes we were given by the congregation.)
Wed- Ladies Aid Luncheon noon; NEWSLETTER DEADLINE
Fri- nothing
Sat- worship 5pm
Sun- Bible study 8am; worship 9am; Bible study 10:30; voters meeting 11:30
THANK YOUS ALL AROUND, ESPECIALLY TO ALAN and CHERI HOFELDT, the many hole sponsors, and the many others hwo had a hand in making our golf outing this past Saturday such a big success.  It was a wonderful time for both members and the many friends and family who attended!
This is a time for men to come to the pavilion at church, bring your favorite food to grill along with a side to share and your favorite beverage.  We will just hang out, maybe have a short devotion, get to know each other, and relax. 
I don't know too much about this day, because I'm not a woman.  What I do know is that the sign up sheet is on the table in the narthex and the ladies always have a wonderful time of fellowship, Bible study, and relaxation!
It is one of the highlights of my year.  Great golf, even better food, and excellent friends all gathered together in the fellowship of God and His Word.  Call 359-1061 or email me to ask all the questions you want. 
If you don't want to stay for the whole weekend, just come up for the day on Saturday.  If want to stay for the whole weekend but don't want to sleep in the bunkhouses there are many other options including camping in tents on the grounds, going to a campground nearby that has hookups, or staying in the hotels in Perry or Monroe City only a few miles away

The ninth annual T-3 Men's Retreat is set for Friday-Sunday, September 23-25, 2011.  This promises to be another great experience for the men of St John's and other Lutheran congregations in the St. Charles area.  In fact, men from all over the metro area have joined this special time in the past.  Men 18 years of age or older are eligible and they need not be Lutheran to attend.  The retreat will be held at Mark Twain State Park at the Si Coburn Group Camp.  This is a beautiful setting  for a weekend of adventure and growth.  The theme of this year's retreat is "Respectable Sins" and the study times during the retreat will be spent exploring the areas of our lives where we have come to accept less than God might want from us. 

The retreat will feature great food and a lot of activities  A scramble golf tournament, fishing tournament, trap and skeet shooting competition, and euchre tournament all take place on Saturday morning.   If none of these interest you, you may choose to spend time reading, hiking , biking, site seeing, or napping.  Prizes are awarded to tournament winners at dinner on Saturday evening. Campfires on Friday and Saturday nights provide the opportunity to get to know others better under the stars.   Music is a big part of the camp experience and you will enjoy hearing and singing familiar songs with the 100+ men who typically attend.  The culminating worship service on Sunday morning is a special time of praising God for all His gifts to us and a great way to prepare us to return to our homes and lives.

The cost of the retreat is only $42 and this includes meals and a commemorative tee-shirt.  Attendees have the option of staying in group cabins or tent camping on the grounds at no additional charge.  You can even arrange to stay in a local motel near the camp at reduced rates if you like.

A brochure with all information and a registration form will be available soon in the narthex.  You can also register online at using PayPal.  It is really easy and you can see pictures of the camp and facilities there, too.

This is the year for you to go to the T-3 (trap-tackle-tees) Retreat.  Sign up, meet new friends, bring old friends, and join in the fun of growing your faith.  For more information, contact  Don Hugo at Zion –636 441-7425 ext 246 or home 636 441-9954.


20-  Mauch

21- Panhorst



28- Sweet


3- mckenzie

4- Panhorst



11- Schaumberg



18- Heitgerd


24-  Mauch

25- mckenzie


1- mckenzie

2- Panhorst



9- Winn



16- Heitgerd


22- mckenzie

23- Schaumberg


29- mckenzie




5- mckenzie









23- (Thanksgiving Eve) mckenzie

24- (Thanksgiving Day)




1. Sunday, August 28 HIGHWAY CLEAN UP right after church.  After we are done cleaning up we are planning on going to the park for a picnic!  Please come and bring a dish to share. 
2. Sept 30 and October 1- Firstfruits weekend at the ROCK.  Pastor Randy Wilken invites groups to come down to St. Louis on the first weekend of each month to serve, worship, and fellowship with other Christians from around the area.  We are signed up to go down there Friday, Sept 30 and Sat, Oct 1!  It is an unforgetable and wonderful experience.  Make plans ot attend!
3. Last Sunday of each month- HANGING OUT WITH PASTOR- We will meet at different time and at different locations throughout the year to have some fun and to get into God's Word.  In August we will meet to clean up the highway and have a picnic after worship.  Most of the time we will meet on Sunday evenings. 
Invite your friends to all of these things.  It is a great way for them to see that Christianity is pretty cool and can be a lot of fun! 
PRAYERS: (If I have missed anyone please let me know.)
For PAUL TOEDEBUSCH who will have a procedure tomorrow to take biopsies because of abnormal test results a couple weeks ago.
For a FRIEND OF CHRISTY WINN who lost her baby today due to a missed pregnancy.
For ANGIE SCOTT, who had her gall bladder and an obstruction in her bile duct removed yesterday. 
For LIL WINTER who is home from the hospital and doing much better.  She will still have to have an MRI on her liver.   
For MOLLY HENDERSHOT who is back at home, but will have to make a lot of trips to the hospital for infusions for the next few weeks.
For the HOWARD FAMILY at the death of their 15 month old son John.  He was laid to rest this past Friday.  
For PEGGY GILKEY who is having knee replacement surgery on the 18th
For JONAS BORCHERT, grandson of Don Nolte, who continues to be up and down because of chemotherapy treatments.   
For EVELYN SHERMAN at Cedar Crest Rehab and Nursing in Washington for rehab on her hip.  
For RUTH CANTRELL who is at home and STILL recovering very slowly.  
OUR CHURCH as we continue the CARE PROCESS.  


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St. John's Group Email Prayer request for Paul Toedebusch

Paul Toedebusch will have procedure tomorrow at Univ of Mo Hospital to take biopsies because of abnormal test results a couple weeks ago.  Please pray for him. 


Mary Sue Toedebusch

Realtor Consultant

Century 21 Luetkenhaus

(636)359-0053 - Cell

(636) 980-2121 Office