We will have worship tomorrow at 8:30

We will  have  worship in the morning at 8:30.  Use your best judgment and be safe!

Church is still on, but be careful

There is snow on the ground and there are some slippery spots so be careful if you are coming to worship.  Use your best judgment.

Sunday school tonight at 4pm!!!

SUNDAY SCHOOL TONIGHT AT 4pm!!!  Since the forecast says there'll be lots of snow by morning, we are moving Sunday school to this afternoon at 4pm!  Tell your friends and come on down!!  Of course if it starts snowing earlier than that and the roads are already treacherous before 4pm you will just have to use your best discretion!

Come to church tonight at 5pm

Since it sounds like most people will be snowed in tomorrow, why not plan to come to church tonight instead? 
Worship is at 5pm!!