Go see "War Room" tonight-Saturday

 I saw the movie War Room last night.  It was fantastic.  It gave me a fresh perspective on my own prayer life, and I know it will for you too!
It is only at Warrenton 8 Cinema tonight through Saturday.  Tickets are $5.  You may have to tell them you're from St. John's Lutheran Church to get the $5 tickets. 
Get there early to get decent seats.  It was packed full last night. 

Daily Email: Thursday, August 27, 2015

 Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries
By Pastor Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour
Use these devotions in your newsletter and bulletin!  Used by permission; all rights reserved by the Int'l LLL (LHM). 


August 27, 2015  
Red FerrariAnd whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the Name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Colossians 3:17
The unnamed 20-year-old Italian boy had a problem.

It appears the Ferrari 458, which his father had given him, was not the year and model car he wanted. Sure, his super-rich dad had given the lad the ability to drive any of their 14 other high-end vehicles, but that wasn't what the boy wanted either.

Frustrated, the boy went to the Ferrari dealership to find out what his current car might be worth in a trade. It was another sad moment in his life. He was disappointed to be told his vehicle was valued at a paltry $193,500. It was hardly enough for him to purchase the newer model he wanted.

Even worse, with a miserly $5,000 to $10,000 monthly allowance, he knew it would take too long for him to save up for the new vehicle. The lad was confused and unsure how to proceed. The answer to the boy's dilemma was provided by the Ferrari salesman who suggested the young man set fire to the car and use the insurance money to buy the vehicle of his dreams.

The lad thought it was a grand idea. He recruited two of his friends, paid them a few dollars, and poof! -- the car was a charred wreck.

Now you may be surprised to find this out but insurance companies don't like to fork up a few hundred thousand dollars when a supercar burns up for no apparent reason. Their men investigated, the police assisted, and the arson plot between the boys was uncovered. That evidence was backed up by a security video, which clearly showed them setting fire to the car.

The court put all the fellows on probation.

When I read that story, I thought here is a boy that needs to read Colossians 3:17. He needs to hear, "And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the Name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him."

Then I thought, maybe I need to hear Colossians 3:17.

You see, there are far too many times in my life when I fail to give thanks to the Heavenly Father for the many blessings He has given me. Most certainly I ought to always be appreciative for the gift of a Savior whose life was offered up to forgive my sins and offer me salvation.

But my words and actions ought to show I am thankful for some of the smaller, less-mentioned gifts God has bestowed: you know, things like cell phones and microwave ovens and a car that starts on a really cold morning. I should be thankful for shoes that fit and Rocky Road ice cream and -- here you can fill in an item or two: _____________. I should give thanks because a grateful heart is proper when you have a Father who has given you so much.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, may my speech and actions show to the world I am thankful for Your innumerable gifts of love. This I ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.
LAST TIME'S QUIZ:     In whose house was Jeremiah imprisoned? Jonathan the secretary
TODAY'S QUIZ: What did Nebuchadnezzar do to the temple in Jerusalem?
Fri- Assemble Newsletter
Sat-  Worship 5
Sun- Worship 8:30 and 11; Sunday school 9:45


Acolyte-  8:30- Gus Klaustermeier; 11- Isabella Linstruth

Ushers-  Dave Winter, Gary Scott, Larry Schulze, Scott Schulze

Altar- Set up- Linda Callies; Clean Up-  Don and Ann Panhorst

Communion Assistants- Sat- Randy Fischer; 8:30- Randy Sweet; 11- Charlie Figura

Greeters- 8:30- Randy and Patty Sweet; 11- Charlie and Lynn Figura

Lay readers- Sat- Kathy Fischer 8:30- Randy Sweet 11- Christy Winn

Sat. Pianist- Molly Hendershot

Organist-  Rachel Fisher

Projectionists: Sat- Perricone; Sun- 8:30- Panhorst


Many children in our community are very poor.  They are able to get some of their meals at school during the week, but often go hungry on weekends.  Operation backpack is a way that our community has decided to help these kids. 
Every month throughout the school year, each church participating will take one food item and collect just that food item.  At the end of the month the food will be delivered to school.  The school officials along with volunteers will distribute the food to kids backpacks to take home.   
Throughout the month of September we will be collecting canned fruit . All size cans and even individual portions will be accepted.  The fruit will be delivered to the schools October 1.   We will have a box in the narthex for deposits.
Family Night August, 31 6pm Turkey Dinner with all the fixings.

The turkey, the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes are all spoken for.


If you are coming please bring a dish to share.   We would love to have a huge crowd! 


Kelsey Overbeck will have a group activity after we eat. 
A new fundraiser was unveiled at our last voter's meeting!!  You may purchase gift cards from church to be used as you would any other gift card.  The only difference is that you purchase it from church and St. John's gets a percentage of the sale.  Order forms are on the counter in the narthex.  The first order will be place next Sunday, August 30.  Place your order for, along with your check, made payable to St. Johns, in the "Bob the Builder" box.  For additional information or to get your questions answered, call the church office.  456-2888.
The carnival committee is in need of the following items for our carnival on Sept. 12!!
1. POP UP CANOPIES--  for stations and coolers.  Make sure yours is marked clearly with your name so you get it back.


2. EMAIL ADDRESSES-- If we have your email address you will get an invitation to share with others and a coupon to use for free food.   This email list will not be used for any other purpose.  


3. VOLUNTEERS!!!  It will take a small army to make this the huge success we want it to be!!  Please sign up on the counter in the narthex or call the church office!
Do you enjoy the outdoors?  Do you like to float down lazy rivers with friends?  Do you enjoy rafts and coolers filled with all sorts of beverages and snacks?  Then sign up and join us for the fourth annual Labor Day float trip! 



1. We will once again go through Ozark Outdoors. 

A. Canoe rental is $20 per person.  A child can ride for free as the THIRD person in the canoe. 

B. Single person kayaks are available at $28 per person. 

C. Rafts are available at $29 per person.  Children 7-12 yrs old can ride for $15 and children under 7 are free if raft minimums are met. 

D. Tubes are $25 per person

E. Rides on the bus are $30 a person if you have your own equipment. 


2. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IS IT IS A FLOAT AND NOT A RACE!  Float a little, stop, have a snakcc and a drink, wait for the rest of the group and then move on. 


3. What will you need?  Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, cooler, drinks, lunch, and a positive attitude. 


4. Contact Teresa Scott to sign up
tscott@usmo.com , 359-5041, or Schraer Heating and Cooling at 456-5041.  When signing up please provide your email address and BEST contact number.

5. If you choose to spend the weekend down there, please make camping, hotel, or cabin arrangements through Ozark Outdoors,
www.ozarkoutdoors.net or with Onondaga State Park.  Currently there are reservable basic sites available for the weekend at Onandaga. 

If you'd like it to go to the DCE fund you need to mark it for that!  Please make sure you mark the ENVELOPE clearly for the DCE PROGRAM!

Register it online www.krogercommunityrewards.com and have it swiped each time you shop to earn money for Little Lambs. 

For the family of JOYCE SCHIEN as she passed from death to life last evening.
For JOYCE PIETZSCHKE as she is recovering from illness at Parklane Rehab in Wentzville. .  
For NINA BRENDEL, Barb Dreyer's mom, as she is recovering from hip replacement surgery.
For SANDY ROBINE who is recovering well from knee replacement surgery 
 For DENISE SCHLESSELMANN as she is back int he Czech Republic to continue her mission work.
 For CORA CLUVER'S DAD, who is recovering from a severe motorcycle accident that paralyzed him from the neck down.  
For DAVE AND CAROL KOHRS, who are BOTH on hospice care.
For WILMA WEIGLE as she continues to deal with the after effects of a severe stroke almost two years ago.