Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012

What is man, that he could be pure, or one born of woman, the he could be righteous?  If God places no trust in holy ones, if even the heavens are not pure in his eyes, how much less man. who is vile and corrupt, who drinks up evil like water!  Job 15:14-16
Sometimes we think too much of ourselves don't we?  We are so selfish at times that the feelings and thoughts of those around us don't matter.  We think we are all that and a bg of chips. 
Job's words here bring us a great reality check.  We are nothing.  We are sinners.  We are the scum of the earth.  None of us is good enough for God, so if we're not good enough for God we surely can't be self righteous enough to measure ourselves against anyone else. 
It is for that self righteouness, that selfishness, and that pride that Christ came to earth to suffer, die and rise again!  So today, quit trying to trust in yourself!  You will only be disappointed.  Instead trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings.  In all your ways acknowlege Him and He will direct your paths. 
Prayer:  Lord God, help me to get off my high horse and instead bow before you in humility, contrition and repentance.  Amen.
TUESDAY'S QUIZ:  What did Job think of all the guys who tried to comfort him?  He found no comfort in their words.  Job 16:1
WEDNESdAY'S QUIZ: How many of Job's friends are mentioned in the book of Job?
Question: What do the Scriptures teach about Christ's ascension?
Answer: They teach that 40 days after His resurrection, Christ, in the presence of His disciples, ascended bodily into the glory of His Father, to prepare a place for us in heaven.
Wed- Pastor at circuit meeting all day
Fri- Bible study at Hendershots 7pm
Sat- worship 5pm
Sun- worship 8:30; Sunday school 9:45; worship 11am; elders meeting noon
We have all the stuff that has been lost recently laid out on a table downstairs at church.  There are lots of kid's clothes and toys, a few pairs of sunglasses, hats and few other miscelaneous things.  Please come by and find what you lost.
Could you use some help in learning how to deal with your children?  Want to have fun, laugh, and get some encouragement at the same time?  Come to the "From Me to We" class in the Sunday school room closest to the closet this Sunday and grow!
20-30 Year Olds BBQ  Saturday at 6pm!!!  FUN, FOOD, AND FELLOWSHIP!!!
Please let me know if you are coming by Friday night!!
The 10th annual T-3 (trap, tackle, and tees) retreat is coming up September 28-30!!  The cost is $45 for lodging and meals.  (You can get a hotel room or bring your own camper or tent if you wish to have your own lodging.) $35 for our 2 person scramble golf tourney.  There is also a fishing tournament, skeet shooting, a guided tour of Mark Twain Lake and forest, hiking, biking, and much, much more.  All that plus some of the best food you can eat and the best Bible studies and worship times you can have at a camp!  It is a time that you will never forget!  I will give the first one besides me to sign up my special (pastor) room that I get every year. 
 I (pastor) am going!  I wouldn't miss it for the world.  Let me know if you want to go. 
Go to to learn more about what our Synod is doing in the way of spreading the Gospel globally!!


For JOYCE SCHIEN as she has been moved to Delmar Gardens in Ofallon!  A good thing!
For PAUL BRENDEL, Barb Dreyer's dad) as he adjusts to life in the nursing home (Laclede Groves).
For DOLORES DEBLAZE as she is has been put on hospice care. 
For KEN WAGNER as he continues to recover from a broken hip (his neck is still broken too and he will be in a collar the rest of his life). 
For BOB LAMPEN, Karin Klaustermeier's dad, as he is doing quite poorly with his cancer.    
For DON TURNURE who is going to have to have his hip replaced on October 22.
For CLYDE SPRICK, grandfather of Shawn and Sierra Jaeger, who is dealing with severe cancer complications.  
For ERNA VANHORN who is recovering well from surgery at Delmar Garden. 
For JOYCE SCHIEN as she recovers from a stroke.  She is at the DePaul rehab hospital.