Leonard Waalen visitation and funeral TODAY

Just a reminder that Leonard Waalen's visitation is today from 9-10:30 and the funeral is at noon.  Burial will be at Jefferson Barracks at 2pm
They are taking a break from 10:30-noon to rest and get some lunch. 

Libby Pailer update

From Larry

I visited Lib today. She went to occupational exercise while I was there. The therapist says that she did well for the time she was there. She ate her meal almost all of it. I see a little improvement each day. Hopefully it won't be too much longer till she comes home. Tuesday she will be exrayed at the hospital and her surgeon will examine her. Pray that she gets a good report. My Libby is some kind of lady. As the bible says " This too will pass". We are incouraged by all your well wishes . Prayer~! Prayer! and more Prayer! is needed. Love to you all Lib and Larry Pailer