update on Jonas Borchert, Don Nolte's grandson

Please pray for this young man as he, once again, faces cancer. 
Well, we almost made it a year.
On April 1st we got results from Jonas's nine month scans telling us that his cancer has reemerged. Our hearts are heavy with grief and we are desperately readjusting to the reality of it all. It has been a long 10 days and Jonas did not want me to post anything about it until we had all the test under our belts and he knew just what he was facing.
All the tests show that this is once again all Ewings Sarcoma and is considered a matasteses because it has spread to other areas. The biggest mass is an area behind his right ear that has caused a bump that can felt on the outside of his head. It has eaten through the cranium (outside to inside) and is spreading out along the brain barrier. It has also spread to his right tonsil, several lymph nodes on the right side of his neck and two on the left side, and four spots on his lungs. The most recent test show that the cancer has not gotten into his brain fluid, spinal fluid, or bone marrow!!! This is wonderful news! You cannot imagine how that would have changed his prognosis. Whew!
His protocol this time is extremely different. Once a Ewings patient is relapsed they move into experimental/clinical trials. Jonas has been fortunate enough to get in on a very promising trial right off the bat. (I will tell you more about it as I understand it better.) But here is what it will look like to us: Every morning for two weeks we will drive thirty minutes to Overland Park, KS to get radiation treatment at 7am and then drive 30 minutes to downtown Kansas City, MO to get chemo. Then he will have one week off. Then, two more weeks back on. After that, we reevaluate. We do not look forward to the time he will spend on the highway, but he is extremely pleased that he will not be doing hard hospitalization time again.
Jonas is feeling exceptionally well and is extremely optimistic about beating this cancer back once again. In fact, on Easter weekend - just days before the news, he was running though the yard and goofing off with friends for hours in the beautiful spring weather.
If you are on FB, please befriend that creepy Tumor named Tricky Ewing and tell him off. First of all, you can see the MRI of his head on the page. And secondly, its a more lighthearted way to let Jonas know you care and support him without getting too heavy with grief.
Love to you all.

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Posted 12 minutes ago
Sage, Greg and I are so sorry to hear this news.
We will be keeping you all close to our hearts and sending thoughts of strength and hopes for peace in the days ahead.
Posted 12 minutes ago
Well, we need to inform Mr. Tricky Ewing just who he is dealing with!! You have picked the wrong person to "pick" on!!! Jonas has an army behind him backing him all the way, so please just realize you WILL NOT WIN and quit now! If you must continue, you have been warned!! We love this guy to the moon and back and you need to know, "we got his back"!!! Love to all of you Borchert family - we got your back, too ;)
Posted 26 minutes ago
Dear Tricky Ewing,
Please leave my friend, my dear friend Jonas, alone! I need him to do yard work and I don't like your taking all his time! You must have better things to do than pester a young boy....if you don't go immediately, I will send my homes association board....and believe me, you won't want to mess with them! We send love to Jonas and all his family, but not to you...
Merryland and Koshieland
Posted 33 minutes ago
Praying for you all. Praying for healing, strength, that you feel God's peace, and that you are surrounded by loved ones who will support you.
Mrs. Patterson, Woodland
Posted 34 minutes ago
Love You All!!!
Welcome, angie

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