Grayson funeral luncheon

Date:  Tuesday, October 24th, St. John's
   Funeral 10 am
   Luncheon will be served at 11:00 am

Ladies Aid will serve the luncheon following the funeral.  We expect around 40 people to attend.  We need donations of side dishes such as: potato/pasta salad, slaw, jello/vegetable salads and desserts.  If you would like to donate a dish please let Linda Callies know by e-mail, .  Three of our members will also be calling for your help.  They are Joan Sexton, 636-456-5437, Nancy Peterson, 660-619-8474, and Lil Winter, 636-585-2525.  We could also use some help from our PALS before and after the luncheon.  If you will be helping to serve please contact Linda at 456-4228.

We thank you for all your service as we support the family and friends of loved ones who have passed on to their heavenly home.