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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Posted 19 hours ago
Today Jonas spent the day at CM and had the final two tests (lumbar puncture and bone aspiration) that will complete the picture of exactly where we stand. Even before those results are all in, we have had consultation with our doctors. He has no new lesions, but the standard course of treatment has not done much for beating his current cancer back.
Last Friday we met with our assigned doctor from the POETIC department at Children's Mercy. POETIC stands for Pediatric Oncology Experimental Therapeutics. They will take over Jonas's cancer treatment from our primary oncologist at this point as we switch over to a clinical trial/experimental treatment. The clinical trial they have recommended (and that we have agreed to) for Jonas is a 21 day chemotherapy regimen (with an experimental drug) that can be repeated and repeated if it appears to show promise. Unfortunately, our doctor tells us, this will not be a CURE for his cancer. It will most likely just buy him some time. Jonas has an aggressive form of Ewings. The earlier Ewings returns to a patient in under 24 month's time, the more difficult it is to stop. -Jonas's cancer came back after just nine months.
Needless to say, the past few days have been an emotional rollercoaster for our family. We have been researching and reading, pouring over medical trials and natural cures, pulling out our hair and mulling over our options. Too many options. But we have to get this right. Now is a very critical time in the progression of his cancer. So..... we put ourselves in the hands of our medical professionals with their wisdom and experience, hoping that this is the right choice.
Jonas will begin his clinical trial next Tuesday.
I have people to thank and other news to share, but I have to get some sleep. We're all emotionally drained. I will post again soon.
One other note. We are a self-employed family. And summer is our slow season since everyone is outside doing physical activity - it's not typically when people buy exercise equipment. If you know of anyone who would buy a commerial-quality piece of exercise equipment please have them call Joel. 816-665-1768. We have ellipticals, treamills, bikes and steppers like you would find in a healthclub. Heavy-duty stuff. Or visit our website FitnessServiceKC.com to see for yourself. We would really appreciate your business.
My heart goes out to my husband who can't stand the idea of not spending every minute of the next year with his son...just because he is stuck breaking his neck to make ends meet.

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Posted 2 hours ago
Kristen so sorry you all had to hear that news this past week. I'm sure it's exhausting and difficult to know what to do with the overwhelming amount of information out there. We will be thinking about you all as Jonas starts the clinical trial next week, and praying he tolerates the treatment without too many side effects.
Posted 5 hours ago
Sending all of you my love and prayers. You are constantly in my thoughts and please don't hesitate to call if there is anything I can do from across the miles. xox
Posted 6 hours ago
We think of you all daily. I will continue to pray for Jonas. Take care and know that you all are not alone! Love you guys!
Posted 8 hours ago
Love you guys very much. Hoping all goes well. Keeping you all in my prayers every day.
Love Aunt Stephanie
Posted 9 hours ago
If everybody who reads this post would copy and paste the following, we could get the word out and try to help the Borchert family out!!!!
We know a young man who lives in Lee's Summit, Missouri and has cAncer. His parents are self employed and you might be able to help them out:
If you know of anyone who would buy a commercial-quality piece of exercise equipment please have them call Joel. 816-665-1768. We have ellipticals, treadmills, bikes and steppers like you would find in a healthclub. Heavy-duty stuff. Or visit our website FitnessServiceKC.com to see for yourself. We would really appreciate your business.
Please, if you are planning on purchasing any workout equipment, contact Joel or again, visit their website at www.FitnessServiceKC.com
Posted 10 hours ago
Hey Jonas,
We hope you know of the many, many people who are thinking of you and are silently sending their encouragement and best wishes to you every minute of every day. We all have faith in the good doctors at Childrens Mercy and trust their training and experience to do the job and solve this problem. Most importantly, we know of and have seen first hand your strength and courage. We know you have what it takes to meet and beat this challenge. Stay strong. Sydney, Makenna, Spencer, Christine and Doug Laird
Posted 10 hours ago
All of you are in my thoughts daily...my heart goes out to you...I am always here for you - I love you all
Posted 12 hours ago
I will be looking at natural therapies. That seems to be my focus. My heart is with you.
Welcome, angie

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