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Below is a: prayer request from Christy Winn

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Please pray for this family of a coworker of mine. As of 12:30 this afternoon, the mother and the 8 yer old boy are being taken off life support as well.

Christy Winn

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Two dead, four hospitalized after St. Charles house fire | St. Louis*
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St. John's Group Email prayer request for Jonas


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Jonas's Updates

Monday, August 15

Posted 8 hours ago
Jonas was admitted to Children's Mercy last night with a 102° fever and extreme lethargy. After having bloodwork drawn he was determined to be neutrapenic and was almost immediately given a blood transfusion. He is restng comfortably and is being given antibiotics for an infection around his gtube (the tube on his stomach where he gets his formula feeding). Apparently, all the germs in your gut like to get out of control when your battle systems go down.
It looks like Texas wil be put on hold until after this next round of chemo.
We are in a holding pattern for now.

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Posted 1 hour ago
We continue to pray for you all and wish we could be in there slugging for you guys. Don't give in. Don't give up.
Posted 4 hours ago
Gosh,Jonas...enough setting records on all that can go wrong.....
Only positive steps from here on....
We ALL are rooting for you and cheering you on.
We love you and wish you strength and good cheer....
Hugs to you and your family,
The Koshlands
Merryland and Koshieland
Posted 5 hours ago
Okay so I know Jonas may not know me that well, but when I heard about all of this, I started crying. I have been praying for him every day hoping that he will get better. I know that Jonas is a strong kid, and he CAN get through this.
I went and saw Mr. Morales today and I looked over at the stool where Jonas used to sit in strings and i said, "That was Jonas' stool." and Mr. Mo turns to me and says, "It still IS his stool."
Keep fighting, Jonas. :)
~Morgan Abernathey
Posted 6 hours ago
Crazy germs!! Jonas,you can do this,we're all praying for you and your family.
Harold & Terry,
Posted 6 hours ago
Dang germs! I may be rethinking my facsination for germs if they don't leave my boy Jonas alone. Hang in there buddy!
--Mrs Bobal
Posted 7 hours ago
Hang in there bud! You are tougher than the sarcoma an the chemo.Prayers are coming your way.
Posted 8 hours ago
Love you Jonas. You are strong and you can do this. Love you all. My prayers are with you.
Aunt Stephanie
Posted 8 hours ago
Hang in there, Jonas. We're praying for your strength.
Posted 8 hours ago
Thinking of you, Jonas and your family every single day.
Our prayers for healing and best wishes for peace go out to you.
Melvina, Greg and Sage Youngstreich
Welcome, angie

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