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Don't know if this works into a sermon, but I...
Linda Schmidt Otto
Don't know if this works into a sermon, but I thought it was pretty cute - If nothing else, it made me grin!

From a Posting on the Saint Louis Cardinals' Rally Squirrel's page...

Prayer for Saturday night:
"Our Father who art in St. Louis, Baseball be thy game. Thy will be done,the World Series will be won, on the field, as well as in the bullpen. Give us this day our hot bats & forgive us on our errors, as we forgive those who homerun against us. Lead us not into defeat, us BEAT THE RANGERS. In the name of the best fans in baseball, Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Roger Maris, Dizzy Dean, Albert Pujols, our Rally Squirrel, Fredbird, & the entire Cardinals team......AMEN"


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