I need someone with a digital video camera (good sound is essential) and some time any time today through Wed afternoon to do some video taping for the message for Wednesday night's worship service. 
Please reply to this email, call or text me asap so we can get this done. 

Libby Pailer update

I saw Lib this morning. She had a good breakfast and ate half a grilled cheese sandwich, fruit and apple juice for lunch. The nurse and i walked her down the corridor and back. Her steps were normal. She has to keep a straight back and that bothers her some. They did take out the neck IV and one on her left wrist. Little by little the tubes and wires are coming out. Her heart beat is a little low so they cut out one of her Beta blockers . When I left her blood pressure was 128 over 81. That is amazing for her because it was always real high. The Lord is blessing us with her recovery. Looks as if she might get to come home Tuesday. That leaves me in charge. Better pray harder Ha! Ha!. Hey news I won a game of scrabble from my grand daughter in the hospital. Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming. Love Larry and Lib