St. John's Group Email prayer request for Jim Rahn's dad

My Dad had some tests run this morning because of some concerns noted on a Cat Scan. The results of the test were sent to his doctor before lunch. He was scheduled for brain surgery this afternoon  to open a passage that will allow his body to vent  fluid away from a build up point. This fluid would build up pressure. He would become disoriented and dizzy. The surgery should alleviate these symptoms. Please pray for the surgeons hand to be guided by God.
Jim Rahn
Conoco Phillips
Wood River Refinery
Gas Plant / Distilling Department
Instrumentation Maintenance
618 255-2839

St. John's Group Email An update on Robyn MdNew's brother, Ken Meyer: prayer request

Kenny is on hospice now with full comfort measures. He is going home to his own house sometime today. My sister Bonnie is here from Maine and is going to stay and take care of him. She will take excellent care of him because she is meticulous and because she loves him dearly. Ken will pass away peacefully in his own room in his own house.