Unforgiveness is the Poison We Drink

Unforgiveness is the Poison We Drink
Unforgiveness-Poison w-TextDear Congregation,
In 21 years of reconciliation ministry, I have found that the most challenging issue for many Christians to overcome is unforgiveness. Here is a brief sampling of what I have witnessed:
  • Gary1 and Becky1 were fighting over the custody of their nine-year-old son Jason. Both had married other spouses. Although they had shared custody for a few years, they could not agree on a parenting plan when Becky learned she would be moving over 2000 miles away. Unforgiveness of past offenses kept them from trusting one another and negotiating a deal. Yet, both wanted to avoid a court battle.  READ MORE
In this case and others, unforgiveness led to other problems in the lives of the individuals who struggled to forgive. Some of the problems included physical health issues, bitterness, lingering anger, fear and mistrust of others, loneliness, and more broken relationships.  

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In Christ's service,

Signature - Ted
 Ted Kober
1 Although the situations are based on real cases, names and details have been changed to protect confidences. 

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