St. John's Group Email Church Float trip

Church Camping/Float Trip

Dates July 22 - 24th


     We have four campsites reserved at Onondaga Cave State Park for the night of the 22nd and 23rd.  These are full hookup sites.  Each site can accommodate up to 6 people and 2 sleeping units (one with wheels).  Cost of camping for 2 days is $54.50 per site.  If you do not camp but would like to join the fun a variety of overnight options are availabe at Ozark Outdoors which is about 2 miles away. or 800-888-0023

     The majority of Saturday will be "on your own".  There are a variety of things to do at Onondoga State park. or 573-245-6576  There is a beach on the river, a playground and trails (bring Off if you're choosing this option).  There are also cave tours available.  Onondaga Cave rates are $12 adult, $7 child, $10 senior.  Cathedral Cave tours are $8 for adults and $6 for children.  We will have a group meal on Saturday night.  Meat will be provided.  Please bring a dish to share.  We will also have a worship service on Saturday night.

     We are planning to float on Sunday leaving from Ozark Outdoors at 10:00.  We will do a 5 mile float.  This should take around 3-5 hours.  This would allow time for anyone who wants to drive down Sunday morning to do so.  (Leaving church at 8:00)  Cost to float on Sunday is $17.50 per person with 2 people in a canoe.  A child 12 or under can ride free in a canoe with 2 people.  A raft is $22 per person on Sunday with children 7 & under free.  Tubes are $20 per person.  If anyone has their own canoes we can work out shuttling arrangements.  (A Saturday float could also be arranged if someone wanted to float both days.  Canoes are $23 on Saturday. Rafts are $33 on Saturday.)

     Please contact Teresa Scott with any questions or to make your reservations.  Camping reservations need to be made with Teresa by July 10th but sooner is better.  Canoe/Raft reservations need to be made by July 17th but sooner is better. or 636-359-0274 (call or text)


Please feel free to join us all weekend or for any portion of the weekend.




St. John's Group Email update on Robyn McNew's brother Ken Meyer

What a miracle!!!

Ken is now at St. John's Mercy Rehab Hospital at Hwy 40 and Timberlake Manor Pkwy (this is not part of the main hospital at 270 and 40).


He has a rigorous therapy schedule during the day (Mon-Sat) with Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. He is doing wonderfully! Still a little confused, some vision problems, working on dexterity in hands and standing/walking, but when you talk to him, you can hardly believe he is where he is today after everything that's happened.





St. John's Group Email FW: House For Sale

From your St. John's Board of Evangelism & Outreach!!!
While most of you have no trouble sharing your faith in Jesus Christ with others, many of you still are not comfortable doing so. is a really "easy" way to do that for you ALL - BOLD OR MEEK!  This week-end is a great opportunity to learn more about sharing your faith.  Come meet and "join" the Ongoing Ambassdors For Christ (OAFC) that will be with us at St. John's.  Even 30 minutes of your entire week-end with one of these awesome young folks will change your life.
Today is another opportunity to share your faith in Christ with others.  Who you talk to about Him TODAY may be the last time the other person has to know Christ as their savior.  Or...TODAY may be the last time YOU have to tell someone about Him before you meet Him face to face! 
I'm sure there must have been some kind of closing prayer or benediction of some sort at the high school graduation in Joplin last week.  And, before many of those in attendance (graduates and/or family and friends) ever got back to their earthly homes, they went "home" to the Lord. 
MAKE TODAY COUNT & God's peace to you as you live for Him!
Matthew 28:18-20    -    Ecclesiates 9:12
One way to share your faith right away - right now -  is to just forward this email along with the link below.  Scroll down, click on the link and possibly change someone's life that you love.

 I hope you have time to see will bless your socks off.


You Have Got To See This - House For Sale 
This is great. Take a look. It will make your day. Click on this URL to see the house that I found for sale. This house is awesome! (if you click scroll bar once, it will auto scroll) Turn your speakers on..  The music is a real toe-tapper!  




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