St. John's Group Email apologies about the projector today

If you were at church this morning, you noticed that the projection was quite a bit off for the second half of the service.  For that we are truly sorry, especially to Terry McKenzie who was running the computer.  I can assure you it wasn't her fault.   
We don't know for sure what happened, but we think we have it nailed down to a mere computer glitch.  The computer only saved half of the service for today and the other half  (from the readings to the end) was left from a service that we had before Christmas, which was the last time we did Divine Service III. 
If any one person is at fault it is me for not chekcing it all the way through.  I usually check the whole service, but Saturday's service was the same as this morning, and the projection was perfect for that service.  So I figured, since there was no problems last night with the service and everything in the first part of the service today looked the same as last night, there was no reason to keep checking the rest of the service, especially since I was short on time this morning.  Boy was I wrong. 
Anyway, a big lesson has been learned (always check the whole service before church).  We may still have minor imperfections in the projection from time to time, but nothing like today. 
Please forgive us mere humans for our mistake. 
Peace be with you all!