Bible study facilitators wanted for after worship Buble studies

With our new ONE WORSHIP at 9:30 we are also changing our Bible study schedule.

What we would like to do is offer one large group Bible study 8:15-9:15 and then several small group Bible studies, along with Sunday school for the kids, facilitated by laypeople, from 10:45-11:45.

(until we get the small group studies set up and established, we'll just have one large study led by me.)

We need several people who are willing to facilitate/lead these studies for the duration of them. When the study is done, you can be done leading it if you want or you can start a new one.

I have access to an unlimited amount of studies available on just about every topic or book of the Bible.  If you're willing to facilitate/lead a study I'll give you the freedom to pick it as long as it is appropriate and theologically correct.

I also have several ideas of my own if you would like me to pick it for you.

We have room for at least five different studies in our Sunday school rooms!

Who's willing?