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Friday, October 7

Posted 22 hours ago
I had hoped that when I started this next update that I would be journaling about the results of Jonas' MRI, but that is not the case. On Wednesday, Joel flew into town and took Jonas to his doctor's appointment Thursday morning. Before they were able to discuss the MRI results, he had blood drawn (as ususal) to be lab tested for numerous things. It turned out that he was extremely neutropenic. They admitted him to the hospital right away and the focus quickly turned to getting him back to good health. He ended up having three transfusions of blood and one transfusion of platelets before being checked out of the hospital this evening around 5pm.
Thank goodness he rebounded so quickly because his sisters drove down to Houston today to spend the weekend with him before he begins his proton therapy next week. It's a 14 hour drive from Kansas City to Houston. Whew. It made me kind of nervous for them to make that trip all in one shot. Luckily, my mother's sister and her husband, Aunt Sandie and Uncle Jack, live at about the halfway mark, in Tulsa Oklahoma, and were so wonderful to let them stay for the night. They left Kansas City yesterday afternoon and arrived in Houston around 2pm today. Thank you so much, Sandie and Jack! Brette said they got about a half an hour out of town and Blaire cried because she wanted to stay longer with you. She was only pacified when reminded that she was on her way to see her mother.... .whom she hasn't seen for a month and a half. Lol.
Anyway, we are headed to the beach again tomorrow. Jonas wants the girls to see Galveston. Then on Monday he gets readmitted for five days of chemo before he begins his radiation.
Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the Fish Fry! Debi, Mark and Riley Hartley and all the folks at of the Lake Lotawana Optimist Club. Thank you! I heard that the fish was delicious and that the turnout was fantastic. I wish we could have been there.
The Sonic fundraiser has been cancelled or possibly postponed. The next fundraisers are the Paint-Your-Own-Pottery on October 14th and the Fight the Fight on the Fairway Golf tourney on October 15th.
I will keep you posted as soon as Dr. Hughes gives us a full report about the MRI results. His one brief comment as Jonas was being admitted is that we will be pleased with the images, that they show that the treatment is making progress.
Blaire is going to bed tonight curled up in bed between her mom and dad, with Brette and Jonas chattering away in the dark sharing the fold-out couch across the room. Ah. Life is good.

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Posted 34 minutes ago
So happy that the girls made it safely and that you all are getting to spend some quality time together as a family. Praying that the results of the MRI will be positive and that the Proton Therapy is successful. Let me know is there is anything I can do you any of you. Hugs!!
Posted 9 hours ago
Glad to hear the family is doing well. Aunt Sandie sure knows how to show compassion and love. I miss her as well. There needs to be a program called "Everyone loves Sandie". Love all of you. You should be expecting a package from me around monday or tuesday.
Love Aunt Stephanie
Posted 12 hours ago
So excited for you guys that the entire family is together again! I know that has to be a wonderful feeling! As always let me know if you need help in KC with Blaire or anything...we would love to have her come play with us!
Posted 12 hours ago
Give a lot of hugs and share a lot of laughs throughout the weekend.
Josh says hello. He will be playing his last football game with PLMS on Tuesday. They are playing Summit Lakes and get to play on the LSHS field. He is excited about this game and says it is the most important game of the season. The team record is 3-2 right now.
Stay strong we are thinking of you often ! :)
Posted 13 hours ago
Enjoy your time together!
We love and miss everyone so much.
We want Jonas on the road to recovery...and HOME!
The fall colors are beautiful around the lake but the temps have been so warm that no bird migration yet.
Every time we walk at Reed we think of you.
Our Book Club meets next Monday...there are excellent cooks therein and we will scheme to bring over some food for the gang at home.
We send our love...we have Marriott points , if you need them...Have Joel call me.
Merryland and Koshieland
Posted 14 hours ago
So glad you are all back together, however briefly, hope you have some much deserved quality time - the picture you painted of bedtime made me cry (happy tears)! On another note, did Jonas not have any symptoms or does he ever when he is neutropenic? So glad he rebounded!!! Enjoy your time in Galveston - what does Jonas like the most - the beach, the Strand, old Galveston??? Have a GREAT weekend!
Love to you all!!
Posted 19 hours ago
Your last paragraph brings tears to my eyes. soak it up and replenish your soul. Your entire family is constantly in my thought and prayers.
Posted 19 hours ago
Your last paragraph brings tears to my eyes. soak it up and replenish your soul. Your entire family is constantly in my thought and prayers.
Welcome, angie

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