July 9, 7PM, Westfield House, Cambridge, England at Trinity

A  message from Pastor Clow at Trinity, Wellsville.....
Call him at 573-544-8441 if you would like to attend or wouldjust like more info. 

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At Trinity Lutheran, outside of Wellsville, MO, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Mumme, tutor at Westfield House in Cambridge England will be speaking about the incredible opportunities that exist for international Lutheranism at this small house of theological study.  He will also outline ways that we can help and support the training of Lutheran pastors who will serve in places like Madagascar and Finland, among others.

The presentation is scheduled for 7PM, July 9th. 

Trinity is located on Trinity Church Road.  Here is a link to a map.  http://trinitylutheranwellsville.org/?page_id=4

Please invite your congregations and any others you would think would like to come.  Information about Westfield House follows.

Thank you,
Keith Clow

Westfield House is the seminary for the Ev. Luth. Church of England.  The House is attached to Fitzwilliam College of Cambridge University. Along with hosting students from St. Louis and Ft. Wayne seminaries for a year study abroad program and European Lutheran seminary students, Westfield hosts students from as far away and diverse backgrounds as India and Madagascar.  During the 2011-2012 academic year, staff, faculty and students represented 14 different nationalities!  A brief history from the Westfield House website follows:

Westfield House is the theological college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (ELCE).


The House was built more than a century before its inauguration as a house of theological studies on the 22nd of February, 1962. It is situated at 30 Huntingdon Road, opposite New Hall and Fitzwilliam College, about half a mile from the city centre. Fitzwilliam is the college of the University of Cambridge to which Westfield House is attached.

The situation of Westfield House is fitting, for the first Lutheran studies in England took place in Cambridge. English Reformers such as Robert Barnes, Hugh Latimer, and Thomas Bilney gathered to read and discuss the writings of Martin Luther in the White Horse Inn, not far from the site of Westfield House today.
The programme of theological studies in Cambridge, sponsored by the ELCE, has its roots in the work of the late Dr William Arndt in the 1950s. The formal beginning was brought a step closer by the appointment of Normal Nagel as the first Preceptor in 1958. In 1969 the academic staff at Westfield increased by the addition of a Tutor to allow more teaching within the House itself. In 1998 a second Tutor was added.


The primary purpose of Westfield House is to equip students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for the ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and its proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a centre of theological studies, it also seeks to serve the Lutheran Church, both in this country and overseas, by the promotion of Christian learning at all levels. It provides theological education withim the framework of a confessional Lutheran perspective, and offers resources that further an understanding of that perspective. Besides the academic staff, these resources are principally contained in the small, but carefully assembled library. It is the only significant Lutheran library in the country. 

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July 22- 8:30-  Don and Ann Panhorst                     11-
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July 29- 8:30- Don and Ann Panhorst                      11-
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Aug 5- 8:30- Denise Schlesselmann                       11- Mckenzie
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Aug 26- 8:30-                       11- Mckenzie
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Sept 30- 8:30-                       11-
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Nov. 11- 8:30-                         11-
Nov. 17- Mckenzie
Nov. 18- 8:30-                         11-
Nov. 24- Mckenzie 
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Dec. 2- 8:30- Denise                          11-
Dec. 5- (Midweek Advent 1) Mckenzie
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Dec. 9- 8:30-                            11-
Dec. 12- (Midweek Advent 2) Mckenzie
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Dec. 16- 8:30-                          11-
Dec. 19- (Midweek Advent 3)  mckenzie
Dec. 22-
Dec. 23- 8:30-  Mckenzie                        11-
Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve)  7pm    Mckenzie                        11pm
Dec. 25 (Christmas day) 9am