St. John's Group Email C.H.U.R.C.H. Ministry needs help with "SHOWER" Kits for Stand Down Dinner




St. John's C.H.U.R.C.H. Ministry



needs your help to "build" 50 shower kits for this year's "Stand Down Dinner" for our areas veterans and homeless.  Our Warren County Health Department is providing a shower trailer for that day (November 19, 2011); but, shower kits are needed to provide essentials for those that want to take advantage of the shower trailer.  So, we are "building" 50 shower kits for that purpose. 

If you can help with this project, the following items are needed at St. John's by Friday, November 11th. 

We will need 50 each of the following "new" items:


Bath Towel (standard size)


Hand Towel


Wash Cloth-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 wash cloths Terry McKenzie - Thanks Terry!


Liquid Body Soap






Brush and Comb


Razor----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30 razors Terry McKenzie - Thanks Terry!


Shaving Cream






3 gallon (Large) Ziploc brand plastic bags (these usually come in boxes of 5 each for approx. $7)  We'll need 10 boxes of these to have 50.----------------------4 BOXES Dolores Deblaze - Thanks Dolores!



As you can see, there are many of our neighbors that really need our help.  God works "through" each and every one of us. 


IMPORTANT: If you can help, or have any questions, please call Sandy Robine at 456-4061 or email at   DIRECT.  Thank you!



***Please note that the "hygiene" kits that our youth group are making are different from these "shower" kits.  The youth still are making their 300 hygiene kits for the same event.  Your contact for the youth group project is Toni Mauch.


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