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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DEVOTION:  Paul and Barnabas went as usual into the Jewish synagogue.  There they spoke so effectively that a great number of Jews and Greeks believed.  But the Jews who refused to believe stirred up the other Gentiles and poisoned their minds against the brothers.  So Paul and Barnabas spent considerable time there, speaking boldly for the Lord....  The Story, p. 410
The devil doesn't want you to have faith.  he doesn't want you to believe.  If you believe and if your faith continues to grow and get stronger he loses.  He wants you to listen to everyone else.  He wants you to think that you don't have to go to worship.  He wants you to think that if you stay away from God's Word you will be just fine.  He will stir up people and ideas that will poison your mind against Jesus. 
You may be one of those who is weary of worship.  Sunday is the only day you have off and you really want to sleep in and rest.  You may think that church is a bunch of nonsense and that it is better to just stay away from it.  The devil may be convincing you that you are better than all the hypocrites and sinners that are members of the church.  DON'T LET SATAN WIN!  DON'T LET HIM GET A FOOTHOLD ON YOUR LIFE!
It breaks my heart when I see Christians falling away from faith or abandoning it all together.  It crushes my spirit when I hear Christians say things like "You don't have to go to church to be a Christian."  I get heartburn every time I hear disparaging remarks about my church or about the Christian church in general. 
I urge you today to get back into worship if you have been neglecting it!  It is where you get to hear and read God's Word spoken, preached, and taught,  It is where you get to eat and drink of Christ's body and blood!  It is where you confess your sins and receive His forgiveness. It is where you grow in the love of Christ and in fellowship with the saints! 
I also urge you to get back into regular fellowship with Jesus through fellowship with the rest of His saints.  A church family is not something to be neglected or taken for granted.  It is something to be cherished, honored, and participated in. 
Spend time with Christ and with your brothers and sisters in Christ in God's Word speaking boldly about what Christ has done in your life and how He continues to work in your world! 
Let us pray:  Lord God, thank you for Paul and Barnabas, great examples of the faith, who continue to show us what it means to not give up when the going gets tough and we face opposition.  Amen.

YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:    Who was set apart with Saul to do the work to which God had called them?  Saul (later called Paul) and Barnabas.
TODAY'S QUIZ:  Where did the disciples flee to after they left they found out about the plot to mistreat them and stone them?
Tues- Quilters 9-2; Bible Study on The Story, Chapter 28  11:30-12:15; Praise Team practice 6:45
Wed- Ladies Aid meeting (w/ Mite boxes) noon; NEWSLETTER DEADLINE
Sat- Bible Study 4; Worship 5
Sun- worship 8:30; Bible Study and Sunday school 9:45; worship 11

Acolytes- 8:30- Becca Bettlach  11- Kailyn Blechle
Altar guild- Set up- Cheri' Hofeldt; Clean Up-- Betty Schirr and Cheryl Bettlach
Greeters- 8:30- Dave and Hope Tinnin; 11- Steve and Sandy Robine
Communion Assistants- Sat- Don Turnure; 8:30- John Hachtel; 11- Steve Robine
Lay Readers- Sat- Marcia Sevier; 8:30- Jacob Nagel;  11am- Steve Robine
8:30 Ushers- Alan Hofeldt, Tim Linke, Rich Talbert, Don Turnure
Projectors- Sat- Perricone; 8:30- Panhorst; 11- ????
Sat pianist-  Kathy Barrow;  Sun- Melissa Pedersen

Kelsey updates our website weekly!  Check it out!!
LABOR DAY FLOAT TRIP-- Float trip will be through Ozark Outdoors.  Meet at the river at 10am for a 4 mile float.  Please contact Teresa Scott to sign up.  She can be reached by email at, cell phone or text at 636-359-5041 or at Schraer heating and air conditioning at 636-456-5041.  When signing up, [please provide your best phone contact number and email address, if you have one.  More info to follow
The church picnic is going to be held at CHURCH this year on Sunday, September 7 at noon
There will be a sign up sheet to tell us how many from your family and friends are coming and what kind of food you will be bringing (Please bring a salad/side dish or dessert to share).  Hamburgers, hotdogs, buns, drinks, and eating utensils will be provided. 
We will need a few guys to volunteer to help with grilling on Sunday morning.  STEVE MCDOWELL and BRENT DAVIS have volunteered to head that up!  Thanks guys!
Everyone will need to help with clean up at the end, but it would be good to have a few volunteers to be in charge of clean up.
MEN'S RETREAT COMING UP Friday, Sept. 26- Sunday Sept. 28 AT MARK TWAIN LAKE!!
Go to for all the info you will need and to sign up!
It would be wonderful to get a big group of guys from St. John's to go!  I never miss it!
Our mission statement needs to be updated to reflect our emphasis on children and youth and to be made more concise and easy to read.  I would like to get a group of two or three interested people to help me to formulate something that we can print on all of our materials and share in the community.  If you have any interest in that please reply or call 359-1061
God has put the inactive members of St. John's on my heart and mind in different and new ways over the past month.  They need our care, concern, prayers and love.  I would like to get a committee of two or three people who also have them on their hearts and want to care for them in more and different ways.  Please reply or call 359-1061 if interested!
PRAYER REQUESTS:  (If you have a prayer request please reply to this email or call me at 636-359-1061)
For DON AND WANDA TURNURE AND FAMILY, as they mourn the loss of Don's mother Louise Hale.

For MIM DUNN, as she is recovering from a fractured pelvis at home.


For GARRETT SPOEDE as he goes in for yet another surgery.  It is outpatient to clean out an infection in his thumb.


For JONAS BORCHERT as he recovers from surgery to remove a lobe of his lung due to cancer and as he awaits word on a new course of treatment.


For the community of FERGUSON, and all of North County, as they deal with the civil unrest, rioting, and looting that continues.


For HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF CHRISTIANS IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA, who are being persecuted to the point of death for their faith. 


For NANCY SPINIOLAS as she recovers from a car accident and a fall.


For RICK SPINIOLAS as he continues to deal with pancreatic caner and the effects of the chemo on his body.  


For LYNN MESSER, a friend of Jo Fahrni, who is has been missing for a month, that she will be found safe and well very soon.












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