Prayer request from Pat King

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I would like to add my 18 year old nephew, Jacob Hammers, to our prayer list. He went into the hospital late Friday night after having 3 grand mal seizures at home. He had another in the ER, then his heart stopped for about 10 seconds. Thanks be to God, he spontaneously cardioverted.  His heart rate remained unstabled that 1st 24 hours – dropping down to the low 40s then bouncing up into tachycardia. Last night his heart rate dropped down to the 30s. Since that first arrest in the ER, he's had at least 2 others.

He has been moved to Mo. Baptist in St. Louis County. 

 I am guessing his sinus node is not firing, causing his heart to fail to beat. And, after just talking to my niece Jenny – his mom – the docs at Mo Bapt. tend to agree. Whether it is just a cardiovascular issue – or a neurological one, with the brain failing to send the proper message to the heart – they are currently uncertain. Either way, it is serious.
Since this is a potentially life-threatening situation, we would really appreciate some prayers. He is only alive right now, through Divine intervention. 
pat king