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Happy Holidays From Oceanhorn 2 Team!

Happy Holidays and New Year from Oceanhorn 2 team! See you in 2018!

2018 Americas Team Championship Raw Data

So if you pay attention to the world of competitive Warmachine & Hordes, you probably know that the 2018 Americas Team Championship just happened.   The event brought out a lot of the competitive players in the US to compete to try and win one of the 3 team spots on the USA's WTC team. 

If you hadn't heard, the event was won by Top of 2, Grab a Brew - so Congratulations are in order to them!

One of the really sweet things about the online Warmachine community is that TO's and other people in the community and behind the scenes do a lot of work to publish information about what factions, casters, and lists were used.  Due to work and family life, I get to think about the game a lot more than I get to play, and I'm a bit of a data nerd as it is, so this kind of thing is really enjoyable for me.

The ATC team did a great job publishing all of the information for each round on their website, though what we didn't have is all of the raw data from that in an easily accessible format that would allow people to sort through and pick out interesting information.

So I decided to go through the round-by-round information and transcribe Faction, Caster, and Win/Loss for each game played, as well as recording the scenario and putting it into a spreadsheet to make it easier for other people to analyze the data.

You can click this link to view the sheet online.  This should let you copy/paste the data into your own spreadsheet to sort/analyze the data as you see fit. (Note: This was updated to a corrected sheet on 1/16/18).

If you're interested in any of the lists used, you can take a look at them all here.

Some Caveats

The main reason I went through and transcribed the data was because I wanted to play with it myself, just to be able to get stats on Faction/Caster win rates, or see if any matchups didn't work out well.

That said, I feel that while you can try to glean a lot of information from this data, you have to remember the data isn't really definitive. This was a team event, which means players can use the WTC pairing process to throw certain players to into a bad match up so as to secure a majority of good matchups for the team.  This also means that certain players/lists can effectively dodge their worst matchups, which can inflate win statistics.

Still, this kind of data does give a general idea about where the game and meta looks to be at, and it can help pin point what sort of lists you might want to prepare for when you're creating your own list pair to take on the general meta.

Plus it's just fun to analyze this stuff, at least for me anyway!

Also FYI, I transcribed the data in order from the Rounds page, so if you use the Entry Num key from the Spreadsheet, you should be able to track down exactly what Players/Teams were used to cross reference exactly what lists were matched up.