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My very first friend in this world, Anna Schmaltz Zyntniak has 2 beautiful granddaughters.  The oldest one, Anna has had some heart problems since infantcy.  She is scheduled now for a heart surgery on July 7th. I have attached a picture of her taken last month when she went from Daisy to Brownie!  She is in the pink slacks.  Also below, if you scroll down, you will see the email from my friend (her grandma) asking for prayers.  Also below that is the email from little Anna's parents requesting prayers for Anna and also a great Christian witness on their part.  My friend's daughter, Kim is an educator in the Lindbergh School District.  Anna (the grandma) and I became friends when she was born and I was 3 years old and we were neighbors.  Also our families owned businesses next door to each other in Affton.  Just wanted to give you all a little background, and hopefully the picture will print for you, so you can know a bit more about the dear and beautiful little girl for whom you will be praying the next month or so.
A little sidenote.  Talk about a small world.  Cheryl Tate's grandparents lived on our street too!  And, it turns out that those 2 little girls that used to visit there sometimes that Anna and I played with were, in fact, Cheryl Tate and her sister!!!!  Who knew!
Thank you on behalf of a wonderful Christian family of friends of ours.  BTW, grandma Anna has MS also.  She is doing pretty well; but one never knows.  She also just had a lump removed from her breast.  The doctor thought it looked like it would be benign but we will find out this week sometime for sure.  While you're at it, please keep Grandma Ann in your prayers as well.
God's peace on your day.
Sandy Robine
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 Please keep our granddaughter, Anna, in your prayers.  Take Care, Ann and Ron

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Dear Family and Friends,
This morning we scheduled Anna's heart surgery for Thursday, July 7.  We will be at Children's Hospital all day on July 6 for
pre-surgery testing & preparations.  Her expected stay at Children's will be 5-7 days.  Our Family has a strong Faith in God and we feel very thankful that Anna's heart can be repaired.  We truly appreciate the love & support from our Dear Family & Friends.  Thank you for your caring thoughts and prayers.  We will keep you posted.
"His power...can do...more than we...ask or imagine."  Ephesians 3:20b
Kimberly & Jon

St. John's Group Email Make A Difference in Joplin - One Family, One Person at a Time

Hey folks,
I am back from Joplin.  All I can say is that they will be needing help for a very long time.  Below is a fantastic way that you can help! 
Come to church this weekend to find out more about the work Danny Dreyer and I did and how we can be most helpful as a congregation!

Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 06:58:51 -0400
Subject: Make A Difference in Joplin - One Family, One Person at a Time

Make A Difference in Joplin - One Family, One Person at a Time
Make Your Donation to Joplin Go Further and Help
Martin Luther School in Joplin, Missouri 

Immanuel Lutheran in Joplin, Missouri
Lutheran Church Charities
To contribute for the purchase of Gift Cards, click here.
Click Here To Donate To Joplin, Missouri Tornado Relief
Dear Jeremy,

You are my refuge in the day of disaster. Jeremiah 17:17 

OlympiaMartin Luther School (Immanuel Joplin's day school) and Immanuel Lutheran Church are the epicenter of aid for the people of Joplin. There they host hot meals for lunch and dinner, distribute clothing, toiletries, household goods, food, diapers and run a medical clinic. The generosity of Lutheran churches and individuals has been overwhelming with donations pouring in from all over the country. At this point in the restoration process the staff and volunteers at Immanuel are saying their biggest need is for gift cards in any denomination.

A way to provide these gift cards and help Martin Luther School, which has given up its entire facility to house all these wonderful efforts, is to purchase the gift cards through the school's Scrip Program. The Scrip Program DOES NOT CHARGE a fee for the purchase of a card. If you would like to make a donation toward the work being done at Immanuel, one family at a time, please consider purchasing a card through this program. The stores that the gift cards will be purchased for are: Home Depot, Lowes, Target and Walmart/Sam's.

Donations going out of Immanuel JoplinClick on the link below to donate online for the purchase of a card or send a check to LCC and mark it "Care Carding". Immanuel Joplin has asked Lutheran Church Charities to acknowledge all the gifts as they simply do not have the time, staff, or resources to do this. LCC will then place orders through the Scrip Coordinator at Martin Luther School. The card is issued for the full amount you order. In addition, a percentage of that amount is paid to the school through the Scrip Program. Of course your donation is passed through LCC - dollar for dollar. Your gift provides a tangible way to demonstrate the Mercy and Compassion of Christ to people in need in Joplin and helps the folks at Martin Luther School with funds to help repair the damage done to their facility from the tornado and put their facility back in shape for the coming school year.

Thank you for considering making a gift in this way and in Making A Difference.


Click here to contribute for the purchase of a gift card.


For questions please call Lutheran Church Charities at 866-455-6466, email, or visit our website at


Please mail check donations to:

Lutheran Church Charities - CARE CARDING

333 W. Lake St.

Addison, IL 60101

or click here to donate online

Another Way to Help is Our Care Carding Program

Care CardsSo many people want to help the people of Joplin, Missouri in a meaningful way - but are not sure what to do. Here is an opportunity to provide Mercy and Compassion and Help to an individual or family right now!


Click here for instructions


Lutheran Church Charities will then send a thank you and charitable receipt to the return address you place on the card. Lutheran Church Charities will personally deliver the cards unopened to Immanuel Lutheran Church in Joplin, Missouri for their members and staff to personally hand out to families and individuals who are in need.


Care CardsThis is a tangible way to show the Love of Jesus Christ to someone in need - and help them spiritually and physically! To those who already have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ - this shows them the support of the Body of Christ. To those who do not - it shows them the Mercy and Compassion of Jesus Christ through his church - the Body of Christ.


Pictured are cards LCC has already received and were taken to Joplin with LCC staff and K-9 Comfort Dogs that left last night.


For questions contact Tim Hetzner at Lutheran Church Charities at 866-455-6466 or visit our website at


If you are unable to do a CARE CARD but would like to contribute for the purchase of gift cards, click here.


Click here to donate to the Joplin Disaster Relief Fund

Other Ways to Help
  1. Pray - for those who have lost loved ones, for those who lost property and belongings, for the Pastors, relief workers, volunteers, and all others serving those who have been displaced by the tornadoes.  
  2. Pray - Pray for Immanuel Lutheran Church in Joplin, Missouri.
  3. Contribute to Joplin, Missouri Tornado Relief.
Thank you for Making A Difference in the name of Christ to those suffering loss.

Tim Hetzner
Lutheran Church Charities
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