St. John's Group Email prayer request for the "Ketterer" girls

Please pray for Teresa Waller and Amanda Prouhet who were in a bad car accident on Sunday.  They are both recovering at home and doing ok, but do have some bumps, bruises, and scratches. 
Peace be with you all!

St. John's Group Email Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DEVOTION:   (This one is actually from me (pastor).
Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honrable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excelllence, if there is anythign worthy of praise, think about these things.  Philippians 4:8
Brothers and sisters of St. John's,
It sure is easy to be negative isn't it.  I, along with many of you, have had my share of bad days lately.  It seems as though we all have.  Most of that is because we have let our circumstances rule how we think, act and live. 
My brothers and sisters, this need not be.  We have been recreated in Christ by virtue of our baptisms.  We are a new creation!  The old has gone!  The new has come!  We don't have to let our circumstances rule who we are!  We can let Christ do that!  We can be positive people!  We can be lights in a dark world!  We can share the love of Christ with those who need it!  We can forgive those who sin against us. 
Last night at our voters meeting, the recommendations of the CARE process were approved by a large majority! 
This tells us that the majority of us want to be positive people!  We want to affect a positive change on our church and on our community.  We want to grow in our relationship with Him and with each other! 
I want to assure you that I have already begun working on that within myself.  Or I should say, the Holy Spirit has begun working that in me.  I have confessed many times to you that I have not always beent he most positive person, and have at times, been quite negative toward others.  I have let the circumstances rule over me instead of the Holy Spirit.  I can assure you that I am going to do everything I can to affect positive change and be a postive role model and leader for this congregation from this time forward! 
But I need your help!  I can't do it myself.  I am only one person.  At last count there are 523 members of St. John's.  All of you need to be a positive and constant light for the Gospel in this place as well!  Everyone needs to do whatever he or she can to move the Gospel that is in you to the outside so that others can see it clearly. 
I also want to ask your help for me personally.  As with all of you, it is very easy for me to let the circumstances of life shape me and make me into a person I don't want to become.  I need your positive encouragement as well.  We all need to ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER in the Gospel! 
As we move forward with these recommendations let us always keep the Gospel before us!  Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us!  Let us strive to be lights in a dark world so that the Holy Spirit can work freely among us! 
Prayer:  Lord God, help us all to move forward in the light of your truth that we all may know more and more the power of Your love.  Amen.
YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:   Who was Zerubbabel?  He was son of Shealtiel, and governor of Judah at the time of the prophet Haggai.  (Dianne Hance is our two day winner!)
TODAY'S QUIZ: What is a plum line?
Question: Does God require us to observe the Sabbath and other holy days of the Old Testament?
Answer: The Sabbath was a sign pointing to jesus, who is our rest.  Since Jesus has come as our Savior and Lord, God no longer requires us to observe the Sabbath day and other holy days of the Old Testament. 
Tues- quilters 9-2; Bible study 11:30-12:15
Wed- bell choir 6:30; choir 7:30
Thurs- nothing
Fri- Youth leave at 5pm to go to the Rock in StL
Sat- worship 5pm
Sun- Bible study 8am; worship 9am; Bible study 10:30
I know your time is valuable and it makes me extremely proud to know that so many of you took that time to make your church a priority last night!  I lok forward to the days ahead with joy, know that the Holy SPirit will work His will in this place through the many wonderful people of St. John's! 
Now let's get to work!
One thing that I took to heart from the meeting last night is that we all need to be in the WORD of God more!  To me this means Bible studies in both small and large groups! 
I would like to start some and I would like some of you to start some on your own with others, but I need to know when the best times and places would be for you all to do so!  It does no good to try to start a Bible study that no one can come to. 
Please reply with your suggestions! 
YOUTH SERVE AT THE ROCK- THIS WEEKEND   Sept 30 and October 1- Firstfruits weekend at the ROCK.  Pastor Randy Wilken invites groups to come down to St. Louis on the first weekend of each month to serve, worship, and fellowship with other Christians from around the area.  We are signed up to go down there Friday, Sept 30 and Sat, Oct 1!  It is an unforgetable and wonderful experience. 

1- mckenzie

2- Panhorst



9- Winn



16- Heitgerd


22- mckenzie

23- Schaumberg


29- mckenzie




5- mckenzie



12- Mauch






23- (Thanksgiving Eve) mckenzie

24- (Thanksgiving Day)


26- Mauch


PRAYERS: (If I have missed anyone please let me know.)
For ALL THE PEOPLE OF ST JOHN'S as we move forward with the recommendations that were approved.  That the Holy Spirit would move us to do His will. 
For MARIANNE LINKE who is very sick in the ICU at St Joe's in Lake St. Louis. 
For JIM RAHN'S FATHER who is having surgery today.
For PATTY SWEET'S BROTHER who is starting a grueling regimen of chemo and radiation to fight his cancer. 
For LIL WINTER who is home and recovering well!  She will have to have another minor procedure in a few weeks.    
For PAUL TOEDEBUSCH who has begun chemotherapy treatments.
For CAROL KOHRS as she is dealing with severe back and neck pain.
For DAVE KOHRS as he is dealing with cancer in his abdomen. 
For JONAS BORCHERT, grandson of Don Nolte, who continues to be up and down because of chemotherapy treatments.   
OUR CHURCH as we continue the CARE PROCESS.  

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