St. John's Group Email Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jesus said) "Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on My account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you." Matthew 5:11-12

According to reports, the 15-year-old Wisconsin boy, a Christian boy, was asked to write an article for his school newspaper.

The article of this Christian teen was to speak against same-sex couples adopting children, while another student was to take the opposing point of view. Both positions were published in the school newspaper.

When a male couple who had adopted a child saw the article against homosexual adoptions, they complained to the school administration. An apology was immediately sent out -- an apology which said the lad's article had been disrespectful and bullying.

Next, the student was called in to the principal's office. Without his parents being notified, the boy spent hours with the man in authority. During that time he was told he was ignorant; he was told he should write an apology and was informed he could be suspended for bullying.

Now if this story is true -- and a fair number of articles indicate that it is -- it's difficult to calculate the number of things which have gone wrong.

* A boy who used Scripture to fulfill an assignment is being penalized for his personal position. That's a violation of freedom of speech and religion.

* That article which ran in the school paper has been censored in the name of political correctness is a violation of freedom of the press.

* Those in authority who are charged with preventing bullying have used their position to bully someone in an inferior position. That is a violation of school rules.

I doubt if the lad feels he is being blessed because -- like the prophets -- he has been persecuted. More likely, he feels he is a victim, who has been told to discount his conscience and that which he has been taught.

It is a sad moment in our nation's history when constitutional rights are set aside and replaced by political correctness.

This is why we need to pray for this student and others, who are boldly taking a stand and who -- like Peter and John -- say, "We must obey God rather than men" (see Acts 5:29). We need to pray that Christians may come together and ask, "Why must we accept that which is against our faith and no one need respect that which we believe?"

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, grant us young men and women who, in their time, may cling to the cross and proclaim the Savior's salvation to a world which doesn't want to hear. This I pray in my Savior's Name. Amen.

YESTERDAY'S QUIZ: Who were Bezalel and Oholiab?  They were men who were called to help build the tabernacle and the Ark of the covenant. (Jim Rahn is the new one day champ.)
TODAY'S QUIZ: What is an ephod?
Close of the commandments
Question: What does God mean when he threatens to punish the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Him?
Answer: If the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren also hate God and follow in the evil ways of their parents, then God will during their earthly lives punish them for the sins of their ancestors.
Thurs- Jonesburg nursing home worship 10:30; Alzheimer's support group 1pm
Fri- nothing
Sat-  worship 5pm
Sun- Bible Study 8; worship 9; Bible Study and Sunday school 10:15; WORSHIP 11am 
It is the perfect time and the perfect type of service that those who haven't been in church for a while or those who aren't used to church would like to come to. 
Remember that there is COMMUNION this coming Sunday!
PROJECTOR SCHEDULE:  Just a few dates left.  Get em while you can.   
March 25-  9am-                                            11am-
Mar 31-
Apr 1- (Palm Sunday)  9am-                                     
Here's the dates I have left:
Feb 12-
Feb 19-
March 11-
March 25-
April 1-
Another person signed up yesterday!!!
What is it?  Bible 101 is a new online product from Concordia Publishing House that increases Biblical literacy in adults. 
It is for all levels of learning and knowledge.  Even pastors learn things from this course. 
Participants simply log into Bible 101 and enter an online learning environment.  Members start out by learning essential Bible basics from "square one" and then build upon that as they progress through the course.
Here are som of the features of Bible 101
online- uses proven online educational strategies and models that facilitate retention among multiple learning styles.
videos- throughout the week, participants can access videos that relate to the lesson
discussion forum- participants are not left on their own as they are connected to a community where they can correspond, question, and encourage each other.
podcasts- daily devotional for each weekday
quizzes- test your knowledge and easily benchmakr where you are in your learning cycle.
printing- easily print the materials for even more easy access. 
Please call or reply to this email to let me know that you want to sign up for this wonderful opportunity.  I will sign you up!  The congregation has already paid the annual fee so IT IS FREE for you!!!
 We will be leaving church at 6:30.  Bring $10 for bowling and shoes and money to stop and eat if you want to. BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!!! Let me know if you can go!!!!!  cell # is 636-359-1061 
All who want to go need to sign up.  Directions on how to sign up are as follows:
1. Go to
2. Click on "volunteer in Joplin"
3. Go to bottom of page and click on "click here to register individually"
4. Fill out all of the required info. (Your group's name is St John's Warrenton, MO)
5. Click submit at the end of the page.
Let me know if you want to go.  ALL ADULTS ARE WELCOME!!!!
Youth are selling dinner/auction tickets in the narthex after services. Tickets are $15 per person.  Bid only tickets are $5.00.   You may also contact Marilyn to reserve tickets.
In order to guarantee that you get to sit with a special group of family or friends, you may want to consider purchasing a table of 8 for $120.
The Youth Group Steak Dinner and Auction has been set for Saturday, February 11, 2012.   Doors will open at 6:00 p.m. and dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.  Please join us for a night of fun and fundraising.  We will be having the old favorites:  silent auction  and 50/50 drawing as well as the new favorites: live auction, dessert dash, wine raffle, and the WILD HEARTS JACKPOT DRAWING where there is a chance to win $500.00.
Tickets for the WILD HEARTS $500 DRAWING are on sale now.  Please ask a youth group member to get  yours.  The tickets are 1 for $10 but for an additional $10 you can get 10 more tickets and have 11 chances at winning! 
Each time you purchase flowers and other gifts from A MOMENT OF GRACE and tell them you are a member at St. John's, the church receives a tithe from them.   A Moment of Grace is located at 511 N Hwy 47 and the phone number is 456-9334.
PRAYERS: (If I have missed anyone please let me know.)
For a dear friend of Tony and Sandra Perricone JACKIE SNEAD who is undergoing a double masectomy today.
For HANK SCHMIDT who is going through radiation treatments for stage 2 lung cancer.
For BETTY TAMELER who is recovering from knee replacement surgery at Delmar Gardens nursing home.
For ROSETTA JONES who is recovering from a broken hip at St Jospeh's hospital rehab.
For the FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF DOT DAEHNKE, as they mourn her loss.  Her memorial service is this Saturday at 11am.
For ANNA HOELSCHER who is recovering at Jonesburg Nursing Home after falling and breaking her hip.
For MRS SISSON (1st grade teacher at Daniel Boone) AND HER NEW BABY, CHLOE, as they both grow stronger with each passing day.  Baby Chloe has about 2 mor emonths in the hospital.   
For KEN WAGNER who is home and is doing well, although he still has a LONG way to go.
For JONAS BORCHERT, grandson of Don Nolte, who continues to be up and down because of chemotherapy treatments.   



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Jonas's Updates

Tuesday, January 31 8:30pm

Posted 21 hours ago
The painful intestinal condition Jonas has is called Neutropenic Typhlitis. You can read more about it here:
In a nutshell, his entire large intestine is inflamed and infected. The prescription for care is complete bowel rest. No food by mouth. No food by g-tube. He will be getting all of his nutrition (what little he can) by iv. The less work the bowel has to do, the sooner it can repair itself. At this time there is no need for surgery. Whew. This is still a very serious and delicate situation. It could take days or weeks to get under control. Although it is a very critical condition for a pediatric chemo patient, they feel we've caught it early enough to be confident about his recovery. He has not been in this much pain since he first was hospitalized with cancer and I wish there was more we could do to hasten his recovery.
Thank you for all of your warm words of comfort and offers to be of help. Right now I can't even think of what that might be. For the time being, Jonas primarily needs rest. It hurts him to sit or stand, to lay on his back or to contract his muscles. Once he starts to feel better, I know he would love some company.
- - I was interrupted during writing this by his evening CA (nurse's assistant). I'll paraphrase. She said she was our CA last night but we had all gone to sleep so she didn't get to meet us. She wanted us to know how much she LOVES this boy. He was in such pain last night but was still so full of thank yous and I'm sorrys and helpful behavior...and she wanted us to know what a great kid we have. She went on and on. "My all-time favorite patient! " she said. I had to agree.
It reminds me of an anecdote I have told the kids for years. When you squeeze an orange or put pressure on an orange, you get orange juice out. You don't get apple juice or milk or tea. You can only get out what is there inside. It's the same with people. When the pressure is on, what comes out is whatever is inside. If you have stored up anger and hatred, that's what comes out. If you have stored up kindness and good will, calm and perseverance that's what comes out. No one is perfect, and we are all a combination of our best attributes and our flaws. But if I had to witness what I know about Jonas, his character through this so far says it all.

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Posted 6 hours ago
Grace and peace from the Lord Jesus Christ be yours. This is what I pray every time I look out the window, which is a good part of every day. The Bortchert courage and positive thinking is an inspirtation to me. Thanks for allowing me the privilege of being part of your lives.
Love and God Bless,
Posted 9 hours ago
I think we are going to have to give this boy some more names. I don't think four are enough to match his courage and grace. Please tell Jonas that he is an inspiration to us all and that we are proud to be his friends. Tell him to stay strong and that this setback is only temporary. We hope that by knowing that we are thinking of him and his struggles, Jonas can gain strength.
Sydney, Makenna, Spencer, Christine and Doug Laird
Posted 10 hours ago
Kristen what a sweet, strong, courageous boy you have! Sorry to hear he's in so much pain again. Glad they found out what's going on so quickly. Praying for you all!
Posted 12 hours ago
So glad you caught it early. Our prayers continue for Jonas and your family. And you are so right about whats on the inside. Love you all and hope to get to see you sometime. We were going thru old pictures the other day and ran across a few of the kids all together. We never dreamed where our futures would take us. Please know that your posts are appreciated and read. Jonas is the most awesome kid! Keep fighting!
Posted 19 hours ago
We're so sorry to hear about this setback for Jonas. We're thinking of him every day and sending him hopeful thoughts and prayers for peace and healing.
Thank you for sharing with us the axiom you've taught your kids. I always appreciate your focus on kindness, tolerance and compassion. That you've planted this seed within your children is clear. Jonas is much of a human being. So are you.
All our best,
Melvina, Greg and Sage
Posted 19 hours ago
I agree...he is an amazing kid! He truly was one of those students I would never sweet and caring!
Posted 20 hours ago
Honey I love you, Jonas and the entire family so much! You are all in my prayers and wishing Jonas a speedy recovery from this set back. I'm here if you need to talk and if there is anything else I can do or send...well..I'm here. Love you!! xoxLinda
Posted 20 hours ago
Truer words could not be spoken of Jonas - it just makes me cry that he has to go through all of this - so sad for him - if my wishes could make him well, he would have been long ago...hoping things take an upward swing Love and Hugs to you all
Posted 21 hours ago
Thinking of all of you.
Welcome, angie

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