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Wednesday, March 21

Posted 1 day ago
About three weeks ago the nutritionist prescribed that Jonas keep his feeding tube turned on continuously because she was concerned that his weight was doing too much yo-yoing. Up and down, down and up, mostly more down than up. And over three weeks time he has gradually come up to the point that we are finally to the 100 lbs mark! Yay! He has even grown a bit taller through all of this and we had to take him shopping to buy some longer jeans. = ) As the seasons come and go, and each round of chemo gets behind him, he is starting to feel like he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This this week he will go in the hospital for five days of chemo and that will be one more that is out of the way.
This time when Jonas goes into the hospital he will have his new uBass guitar to take with him!!!! WooHoo! Thank you to everyone who made that possible! Jonas said that Mr. Morales and the PLMS orchestra students took a collection and paid off the final amount! Thank you so much. He is already plugged into that thing constantly and you don't know how much that will help him pass the time in the hospital. I can't think of any one thing that he will get more use out of.
The St. Partick's Day party for Jake Cavanaugh was FANTASTIC!!! I didn't have my facts straight about their fundraising. The fundraiser was most specifically for Children's Mercy Hospital. Jonas was the honorary recipient of sorts, and they will be making a donation to Jonas, but it was primarily a fundraiser for the hospital. And rightly so!!! What a fantastic party! Jake and his family are dealy loved by their whole community. There were hundreds of people there. Jonas danced and mingled and once again stayed way past the time we thought he was capapble of. We were so grateful to all of our friends who came to celebrate with us. Mark, Debi, and Riley Hartley, Chuck and Becky Quesenberry, Kirk and Cindy Morehead, Brad and Vicki Wood, Caitlin, Amanda, Sabrina, The whole Bobal family, Mike, Linda, and Nick Hubbuch, Kim and Josh Hill, Zach, Vera, and Ben Dowdle, and my 'serogate' daughter for the evening Alyssa Coop. A special thank you to Debi Hartley and Kimberly Cutler for being the go-between for us and the Cavanaughs. Next year we hope to pitch-in and help in whatever way we can. What a wonderful event. Thank you to Jane and Kurt for letting us be part of it.

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Posted 3 hours ago
The party was a lot of fun. It was so nice to see Jonas there and dancing with a smile. It was nice to see your family smiling as well.
Posted 22 hours ago
Great news! Keep it up Jonas. Always thinking about you.
Posted 1 day ago
May is around the corner...and Jonas will be able to do nature walks and take pictures of the plants and animals arriving daily...I saw two little snakes at Reed, hardly bigger than angle worms, but snakes nonetheless...on the trail and posing for you, Jonas! Practice that guitar so we can hear you play!
We love and miss you and can't wait to get back into our normal routine with you!
Hugs to all the Borcherts..the Koshlands
Welcome, angie

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