Prayer request for Ben Frick

Please pray for Ben Frick as he has been placed on hospice care.  He has cancer in his esophagus and it has spread to other places.  Pray that the Lord will give him mercy and peace during these final days of his life.

Prayer request from Sandy Robine

"Prayer Request Please! For Debbie Groerich who is VERY CLOSE to going home with Jesus at this time. Debbie has been battling cancer the past couple years. She was a former member (teacher & organist) at Salem Lutheran Church in Affton. Since leaving Salem, Debbie has been a member and teaching at St. Paul's Lutheran in Des Peres, MO. Please pray for her and her family - husband Dan and sons Jason & Adam, her mother, her sister Janet Ehrhardt-Ebeler, her brother Rick Ehrhardt and her entire family. They are a wonderful and fun family who are very close. The good thing is that the entire family loves Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers for all of them at this time."