Readers needed for this Wed night and Thurs morning

I have some special readings I need two people for.  I need two for Wed night at 7pm  and two for Thurs morning at 9am. 
Please reply ot this email if you are willing. 

Sunday school Christmas Program Practices

Here is the schedule for Christmas program practice!  We understand if you cannot make all of the practices, but we would appreciate your child attending as many as possible.  We will also practice during our Sunday chool hour each Sunday as well. 
Saturday, November 24, 10-11am
Friday, November 30- 5-6:30pm  Pizza party and practice  (Come hungry!!)
Saturday, Dec. 1- 10-11am
Saturday, Dec. 8- 10-11am
Saturday, Dec. 15- 10-11am,   Taco Bar after practice to celebrate!!  (Come hungry!)
Performance is Sunday, Dec. 16 at the 11am service!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

DEVOTiON:  (from Pastor)
"Don't be alarmed", he (the angel) said "You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified.  He has risen!  He is not here."   Mark 16:6
To be honest, the resurrection wasn't even on my radar today.  I am gettng ready for Thanksgiving, recuperating from a busy and tough week last week, and looking forward to the tons of things I have planned for this week. 
Then, this reading shows up in my daily Bible reading, and I am reminded of what is most important and why I do what I do.  CHRIST IS RISEN!!!  He is risen indeed!  Alleluia!!
Even in the middle of our seemingly endless list of stuff to do, even in the busyness of life, and even when we aren't thinking anything about it, Christ is still risen!  As a popular new song puts it.  "Our God is not dead.  He's surely alive!"
How often do we let those words and that truth slip away from us?  How much do we let the devil get a hold of our truth, and twist and turn it into something it isn't? 
If you have nothing else for which to be thankful, which is not the case, but if there is nothing else good in your life, there is still the resurrection!  Because Christ has been raised, you shall rise too!  Or as Job put it, "I know that my Redeemer lives and in the end, after my skin has been destroyed, yet, in my flesh I shall see God.  I , myself will see Him with my own eyes, I, and not another.  How my heart yearns within me!
Go in peace today knowing that your Savior, Jesus, has risen and that, as the Gospel reading for yesterday says, "He who endures to the end will be saved".
Prayer:  Lord God, bless us with daily reminders of your Son's resurrection, so that we may be filled with joy daily as well!  Amen. 

MONDAY'S QUIZ:  What was the first thing that Mary of Magdala (Mary Magdalene) said to Peter after the angel told her that Christ had risen?
Question:  Why do you say "I believe" in the holy Christian church? 
a. Because faith, which makes people members of the church, is invisible, the church is invisible to human eyes.
b. The Scriptures assure us that the Holy SPirit continues to gather and preserve the church.
Mon- 4 year olds Little Lambs Thanksgiving feast  10:30am; Confirmation class 5pm
Tues- 3 year olds Little Lambs Thanksgiving feast 10:30am; Quilters 9-2
Wed- no school; December newsletter deadline; Thanksgiving Eve worship 7pm
Thurs- Thanksgivign Day worship 9am
Fri- office closed
Sat- worship 5pm
Sun- worship 8:30; Sunday school 9:45; worship 11am
CHOIR PRACTICE WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 6:30pm  Right before Thanksgiving worship
There is still time to join the special choir for their Thanksgiving singing.  Just come a half an hour early to worship for practice.
Please come/stay and help us decorate the church for Christmas!!  The more the better.  It is a fun time!  The more folks we have the quicker it gets done!  Plus it is a good way to get to know your bros and sistas in Christ.
The Warren County Bookcase Club is all geared up for another season of making and assembling bookcases for kids in need in Warren County.  They need donors to contribute $50 per bookcase. 
Please contact Rich Lagemann at if you would like more info.  Checks can be made to "Warren COunty Bookcase Club" and be sent to First State Community Bank in Warrenton: 1022 North Highway 47. Warrenton, MO 63383.
Please let me know if you are going to donate ot this worthy cause!
Do you want to get our church more active in the cause of protecting and honoring life at all stages.  We have an opportunity to get connected with the St Charles County Lutherans for Life Chapter. 
All we really need is someone to represent us and to be the contact person for our congregation to the chapter. 
Anyone who is interested please simply respon to this email and I will get you connected to the right person.
Also, mark your calendars for a special LIFE SUNDAY coming up on Sunday, January 27.   It will be a special Sunday to celebrate our earthly physical lives in Christ and how God is the creator and protector of our bodies as well as our souls, and how he will raise up our bodies on the last day!!!
They still need more helpers!!  26 kids showed up for the first week last week!  It is a wonderful way to bring the Gospel to those who need to hear it!
Denise Schlesselmann and Mary Aubuchon have graciously volunteered to help get this wonderful opportunity to bring lost children to Christ and to strengthen the faith of those already in Christ!!  They need some more helpers though!
It is every Wednesday from 2:45-4:15.  If you can help, even if it is just once or twice a month, please call me 359-1061, and I will direct you to the proper place.
Christmas is only a month and a half away.  Time to get those Christmas cards!  Where can you get good Christian ones?  how about downstairs at church?  They are in the display case!  Stop by and pick some up!  You can pay Marilyn in the office. 
Two queen size quilts are hanging in the church basement.  The blue one is being auctioned off.  The starting bid is $300. 
The green one is being raffled off.  Tickets are $1 a piece or 6 for $5. 
Both quilts will be awarded on December 1 at the end of our vendor fair. 
Please sign the list on the counter in the narthex by Wed, Nov 28 so rexervations can be made.  Bring a wrapped $10 gift for a fun gift exchange.
The LCMS is asking for donations to help with relief efforts.  If you care to give, you may use a designated envelope, or you can go to and donate directly online. 
LHF translates, publishes and distributes Lutheran materials throughout the world.  It is not subsidized by the LCMS or any other church body, but is dependent on individual donations.  If you care to make a donation, make your check payable to St. John's and place in a deisgnated envelope, clearly marked "Lutheran Heritage FOundation".  As usual, these donations should be over and above your normal tithes, commitments, and offerings to St. John's.   
For the FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF BOB LAMPEN (karin Klaustermeier's dad) whose funeral was last Wednesday.
For the FAMLY AND FRIENDS OF KEN WAGNER, whose funeral was last Friday.
For GARRETT SPOEDE who is recovering from having parts of his toes and feet amputated. 
For SANDRA PERRICONE'S SISTER, KAREN,  as she was in a car accident this past week.  Everything was ok with that, but as they were checking her out after the accident they found some serious heart issues and may have to do surgery.  Pray for God's guidance for doctors and Karen, and for peace in this situation.
For Dave and Carol Kohrs' daughter BETH RITTER, who is suffering from a very low white blood cell count, liver failure, pneumonia, and sores in her mouth and throat. 
For CAROL KOHRS who is dealing with a lot of back and neck pain. 
For a friend and coworker of Christy Winn, JO, who lost her apartment in a fire Sunday night.
For a friend of Pam Bueltmann, whose son  (40) was taken to the emergency room this morning for tests and her daughter  (29) is going through a divorce.  Pray for mother Ronda too. 
For BOB LAMPEN, Karin Klaustermeier's dad, who is now on hospice care.
For BARB DREYER'S DAD as he is dealing with many physical illnesses and weaknesses and her mother as she cares for him.
For LIL WINTER as she is doing rehabilitation as Delmar Gardens in OFallon. .
For DON TURNURE who is recovering well from hip replacement surgery.
For JOYCE SCHIEN as she is recovering well from pneumonia at Delmar Gardens in OFallon.
For PEGGY TALBERT as she recovers from severe esophagus issues and is still not feeling well.  (A hiatal hernia and esophagitis) 
For WALT SCHIRR, as recovers from surgery to take care of his vertigo and balance problems.
For GENE SIEBOLD who is recovering from pneumonia at Delmar Gardens in Chesterfield.
For JEANETTE KOEHLER, who is recovering at Troy Nursing Home from an amputaed toe.
 For MARILYN FOSTER'S NIECE, HEATHER.  She has a very rare spine condition, which has resulted in a spinal fluid leak. They are trying for the 2nd time to do a "blood patch" to stop the leak. Yesterdays try was unsuccessful and they are going to try again today. The only specialist in the US that treats these conditions is out of town until next week, the doctor that is caring for her has only done 1 of these before.
For CHRISTIAN WENZEL, art teacher at Blackhawk Middle School, who fell out of his tree stand while deer hunting on Saturday and broke his sternum and many ribs.  He has many things wrong with him and is in critical condition in the hospital.
For MARY SUE TOEDEBUSCH as she recovers from a very bad infection and as she continues to deal with very bad rheumatoid arthritis and other health troubles. 
For ED, neighbor to the Fosters, who found out he has cancer. 
For STEVE, a friend of Tony and Sandra Perricone, who is a husband, and a father of 2 and is undergoing tests for fluid on the brain.
For JOSIAH TULEY, great nephew of DIANNE HANCE'S friend Cindy Schwada.  Josiah is recovering well (the tumor was benign) and he may be getting to go home from the hospital soon.  He had a stroke because of the tumor and is still working on regaining control of some of his movements.