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Thursday, May 10

Posted 21 hours ago
Jonas made it though his last long hospital stay without vomitting once! He felt like that was a great accomplishment. He passed his time sleeping, reading, playing his bass, watching of History Channel and playing DrawIt and Scrabble with plenty of friends online. Thank you to friends who came to visit him and made the time pass so quickly, Rob, Kelli, and Cam Jordan, and Kelly Wells.
Mrs. Wells brought Jonas an End of Treatment Yearbook she created out of Dr. Suess's book Oh! The Places You'll Go. Inside the front cover she converted a really neat Dr. Suess-style poem that incorporates Jonas and his bravery through this cancer journey. He has already gotten lots of signatures from nurses and doctors, and I am trying to keep it with me wherever we go. You are all invited to sign it whenever we see you! I'll post a copy of the poem in the photo gallery too. Thank you, Kelly!! It's something I hadn't even thought of.... that will be a lovely keepsake in the years to come.
Jonas went to the hem/onc clinic on Monday of this week to get his blood checked and needed two units of blood. Yesterday he was experiencing extreme muscle pain in his neck and shoulder area and had difficulty even moving his arm. (A week earlier we had showed the doctor a rash on his shoulder. They thought it was simply ringworm and have had us treating it with Lotrimin.) I took him to the clinic this morning at 9am and upon closer examination the Dermatologist team decided that it was Lyme Disease! The Infectious Disease specialist came to our room shortly after that to tell us that... unless we had traveled to the North or Northeast, he could not have Lyme Disease because we don't have that here in Missouri.. at all. Instead, what we do have is called STARI, which stands for Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness from the bite of a Lone Star tick. And I remember clearly when this happened. The day before he went in for his 6 day stay.... he insisted on mowing the lawn one last time. He came inside all sweaty and telling me about a bug bite that really itched on his shoulder. At the time it was already developing that tell-tale red ring around it. Be sure to look at the pictures. This thing is now 8-10 inches in diameter. Yuck! (The good thing is that it is localized and completely treatable. It can continue to cause some discomfort but will go away completely with about three weeks of antibiotics.) Anyway, Once they had identified it, the doctors and nurses all came parading in to see it, saying that they wanted everyone to be able to identify the rash because, with the warm winter we had, they expect this to be a particularly bad season for ticks. I thought I might warn you all to keep and eye our for it, too. You can see more about this condition at this link:
So....... this puts off our admission to the hospital that was scheduled for tomorrow. Please note - If anyone was going to come visit Jonas in the hospital over the weekend for his final chemo stay --- HE WON"T BE THERE! We are now scheduled to begin his final chemo next Wednesday.
Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for us these past weeks, Amber Dahm, Jessica Bobal, Christine Laird, Nikki Wiebenga, Sarah Manley, Marilyn Koshland, Kelly Wells, Jackson Atkins, Shelly Cornell, Linda Hubbuch, Melissa Gouldsmith, Terri Putthoff, Donna Everrett, Becky Morales, and Kent Tipton. From taking my 5 year old for a sleep-over, to popping in and washing my counter full of dishes, from providing a short coffee break, to playing games with Jonas online, and for all your wonderful, wonderful fundraising efforts..... I cannot thank you all enough.

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Posted 10 hours ago
A tick bite...what are the chances? Sorry for the added craziness with that, but SO excited the chemo is almost done. What a celebration! So glad that you guys like the "yearbook" and it will become a memory yearbook and a reminder to the start of his new life journey! Take care and thanks for keeping us updated!
Posted 11 hours ago
Will be thinking of you next week Jonas. I will have some enrollment paperwork for next year that I can drop by when you get home. Take Care........Verlene
Posted 11 hours ago
Hoping the rash goes away SOON!! I agree with Jonas - hope that tick gets cancer ;) Praying the time speeds up for this last round of treatment to be OVER!!!! What a journey this has all are still in our thoughts daily...Love and Hugs!
Posted 17 hours ago
What a grand finale! STARI !
You are unforgettable, Jonas!!!!!
You get to celebrate Mother's Day and then get to celebrate the beginning of the rest of your life, after Wednesday!
We will have cecropia caterpillars for you by then.
We love you and all the Borcherts!
Hugs from us both,
Merryland and Koshieland
Posted 20 hours ago
We are glad treatments are almost finished. Sorry about the tick bite. Thanks for the info about the bites. I am going to share that info. We have already had several ticks on kids at school.
Josh says hello to Jonas. :)
Posted 21 hours ago
We love you all very much Kristin and Jonas! Susan
Posted 21 hours ago
How wonderful it is to have TRUE FRIENDS. And Kristin I know how GRATEFUL you are as well. You too have a BIG HEART and I know that your immediate family have been through so much this past year. Here we are with MOTHERS DAY upon us I just want you to know that you are TRULY a GREAT MOM. I can't say that enough. Not only have you been there for everyone in the family but you make things FUN. Even when you are having a BAD DAY. Noone is perfect but you are pretty close to it.
I Love you all
Aunt Stephanie
Happy Mothers Day Kristin
Welcome, angie

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