projector update Saturday, April 14, 11:15am

Thanks to the Perricones for taking a couple Saturdays.  Still need someone for TOMORROW though! 
I don't think people realize how much of a help this is to me and to the many who use it every time they come to worship.  If we don't have anyone to do it, we can't use the projector. 
Please sign up! Lots of spaces available!
April 14- Mauch
15-  9am                                11am-

22- 9am  Mckenzie                 11am
28-   Mckenzie
29- 9am   Schaumberg                              11am-
May 5- Mckenzie
May 6- 9am                            11am- 
May 12-
May 13- 9am                           11am-
May 19-
May 20-  9am     Schaumberg                     11am-
May 26- Perricone
May 27-  9am   Mckenzie         11am
June 2- Perricone
June 3-  9am   Schaumberg                         11am