St. John's Group Email Agape takes empty egg cartons!

Anyone who wants to recycle their empty egg cartons in an "eggstra" special way, just take them by the REAR ENTRANCE at Agape (the 913 Powell location) and drop them off with a volunteer there.
Just passing this info along.
God's peace on your day!
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St. John's Group Email Tuesday, February 21, 2012

(The LORD said) "My people have been lost sheep. Their shepherds have led them astray, turning them away on the mountains. From mountain to hill they have gone. They have forgotten their fold." Jeremiah 50:6

In the 1940s, Frank Sinatra made a song popular. That song begins this way: "New York, New York, it's a wonderful town; the Bronx is up but the Battery's down."

As far as I can tell, the Bronx and Battery are still as described, but I'm no longer convinced that New York is a "wonderful town."

Here's the problem: New York rents school space to hundreds of organizations, including dozens of churches. For budding congregations, for financially strapped churches, for denominations deciding where to place a parish, renting space from the city has always been a blessing.

Sadly, the City of New York feels this is a violation of church and state. That's why, since 1985, they have been trying to get these churches out of the schools. Last year, a federal court agreed with New York and now the Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal from those churches.

Simply stated, the churches are being turned out.

Ms. Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said, "... freedom for a church to take over a school and convert it to a house of worship is not what our Constitution stands for."

I wonder what the courts and Ms. Lieberman would say if, next election day, all the churches which are used for voting would decree, "freedom for the government to take over a church hall and convert it to a polling place is not what our Constitution stands for."

My friends, the truth is this: buildings don't get converted. For a church to rent an unused school building for a few hours on a Sunday doesn't change the complexion of that building. The children won't come in on Monday and say, "Ooohhh, I feel strange vibrations; there must have been a cross in here."

How sad. Once again political-correctness-gone-amuck has had its way, and a relationship which has been beneficial to everyone is over. Once again it appears that "Their shepherds have led them astray. They have forgotten their fold."

All the more reason for us, who have been washed in the Savior's blood, to lift up our nation in prayer. Let God's people let Him know there are still some who remember His help and handiwork.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, there are places in this richly blessed country which don't want You. Send Your Holy Spirit to change those hearts. Let them realize what You have done and still do for us as a country, for us as individuals. May the story of the Savior's life, death and resurrection be openly shared everywhere. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:  When was the feast of ingathering to be celebrated?  At the end of the year  (Sandy Robine: winner)
TODAy's QUIZ: What is a cereal offering?  (No its not Captain Crunch or Frosted Mini Wheats)
Question: What purpose does the Law then serve?
a. First, the Law helps to control violent outbursts of sin and keeps order in the world (a curb).
b. Second, the Law accuses us and shows us our sin (a mirror).
c. Third, the Law teaches us Christians what we should and should not do to lead a God-pleasing life (a guide).  The power to live according to the Law comes from the Gospel.
Tues- Quilters 9-2; Bible study 11:30-12:15
Wed- Ash Wednesday Supper 5:30; Bells 6pm; worship w/ holy communion 7pm; choir 7:45 
Thurs- nothing
Fri- nothing
Sat- worship 5pm
Sun- Bible Study 8; worship 9;Sunday School and Bible class 10:15; WORSHIP 11am 
Come and listen to the woman with the alabaster flask of perfume tell us about why she did what she did.
Supper- 5:30---Fried Chicken, Cheesy potato casserole, fuit cocktail, green beans, dessert
Worship- 7pm- We will hear about the woman with the alabaster flask of very expensive perfume
30 HOUR FAMINE Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3. 
All high school youth are invited!!!!  Bring your friends and bring lots of stuff to do: video games, movies, board games, whatever else you can think of.  We will stop eating after lunch on Friday and go without eating until 6pm on Saturday. 
We are doing this to raise money for starving children throughout the world.  World Vision is the group we will be donating the money to.
Next Monday evening at our regular meeting we will be learning about Jehovah's Witnesses.  If you have a friend who is Jehovah's Witness bring them with you so that we can learn straight from the source. 
Every first Monday night of the month we are gong to do something fun.  In march we are doing paintball if it is available.  I still have to see if they do evening paintball, but if they do, IT IS ON!!!
What is it?  Bible 101 is a new online product from Concordia Publishing House that increases Biblical literacy in adults. 
It is for all levels of learning and knowledge.  Even pastors learn things from this course. 
Participants simply log into Bible 101 and enter an online learning environment.  Members start out by learning essential Bible basics from "square one" and then build upon that as they progress through the course.
Here are som of the features of Bible 101
online- uses proven online educational strategies and models that facilitate retention among multiple learning styles.
videos- throughout the week, participants can access videos that relate to the lesson
discussion forum- participants are not left on their own as they are connected to a community where they can correspond, question, and encourage each other.
podcasts- daily devotional for each weekday
quizzes- test your knowledge and easily benchmakr where you are in your learning cycle.
printing- easily print the materials for even more easy access. 
Please call or reply to this email to let me know that you want to sign up for this wonderful opportunity.  I will sign you up!  The congregation has already paid the annual fee so IT IS FREE for you!!! 
PRAYERS: (If I have missed anyone please let me know.)
For FAMILY AND FRIENDS of ANNA HOELSCHER as they mourn her loss.
For WILMA WEIGLE as she continues to recover after heart surgery.
For KEN DOVE, who will be having surgery this Thursday. 
For A GOOD FRIEND OF CHRISTY WINN who has been diagnosed with cancer for the fifth time and is pregnant. 
For HANK SCHMIDT who is going through radiation treatments for stage 2 lung cancer.
For ROSETTA JONES who is recovering from a broken hip at Delmar Gardens in Ofallon.  
For JONAS BORCHERT, grandson of Don Nolte, who continues to be up and down because of chemotherapy treatments.