St. John's Group Email prayer request


My brother will be starting grueling schedule of chemo and radiation early next week, surgery not an option due to area of the brain.

Also, my mother is having surgery this Thursday for a reoccurance of bladder cancer, please add to prayer list,


Thank You,

Patty Sweet

St. John's Group Email my email has been hacked/ but I think it is fixed

I was told to just change my password, so that is what I have done.  I hope it is fixed.  let me know if you get anymore weird emails from me. 
Peace on your day!

St. John's Group Email email virus

Sorry folks,
It looks as though the email bug got me.  Those emails for viagra, cialis, etc were not from me.  OF COURSE!!!   Someone got a hold of my email address.  Not sure what to do about it.  Anyone have any ideas? 
Let me know asap if I should cancel my email address, which would be horrible, because of all the addresses I have stored!
Pastor Klaustermeier