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Subject: Warren County Community Resource Fair October 29,2015 5-7:30pm

Warennton high school is holding a Community Resource Fair in the Warrenton High School Gym on Thursday, October 29, 2015.  Please come and learn about the many resources and supports available to families in Warren County.

There will be free door prizes, free chances to win baskets and gift cards, and free hotdogs for everyone attending.

There will also be limited transportation available.  Please contact Shanna Weber at 636-456-6901 for more information.

Have a great day,

Jeanne Lucas
9th Grade Counselor
Warrenton High School
636-456-6902  x2332

New Adult Bible study starts this Sunday at 9:45

We are finally starting a new Bible study this Sunday.  Below is info about it!  PLEASE COME AND GROW IN GOD'S WORD!!!



"Marriage and Family:  The Lutheran Difference"


In the marriage vows Lutherans still say "Till death parts us".  Isn't that a little archaic?  As Lutheran interact with other Christians, they often find themselves struggling to explain their beliefs and practices.  The Bible and the Lutheran Confessions have a great deal to say about marriage and the family.  Luther's insight that marriage is not a sacrament but rather a gift of the created order had profound, positive implications for married life in the Christian west.  If marriage and family could be viewed as God's gifts, society might see a renewed appreciation of marriage and the family.