Wedneday, July 18, 2012

DEVOTION: (from Lutheran Hour Ministries)
Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen. Galatians 1:3-5

This past week I was told how one political candidate for public office was asking people to make a financial gift to his campaign.

That's nothing new. Every four years we are all asked to back our favorite contenders. What was unique in this appeal is that the candidate encouraged people to skip the receiving of presents for things like birthday parties, confirmations, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, etc. "Instead of getting presents," he said, "why not ask people to take that money and give it to something which will have a lasting impact: my campaign."

It's an interesting idea.

Of course, if I wanted to give to something which would really have a long-term impact, I doubt if my cash would go to any political candidate. Candidates, programs and governments come and go. The person who is acclaimed by the masses one day is forgotten a few years later. As proof of that statement, I would ask you to name America's last 15 vice-presidents.

Do you want to give to something special -- something that will make a difference?

Then give to the cause of Christ. Give to your church or a mission program or to a Christian school or to .... The list could go on.

Give to the cause of Christ and watch the Holy Spirit take your dollars and move lost souls from hell to heaven, from damnation to salvation. It's a wondrous thing to be part of God's work.

And when it comes to long-term results? Well, what could possibly be better than going to heaven and standing before the Savior sandwiched between two souls who are there because you gave what you could?

Now before this devotion closes, I want you to know a few things I'm not trying to do. First, I'm not trying to endorse one candidate over another. Second, although I genuinely believe in Lutheran Hour Ministries' goal of bringing Christ to the nations, this is not a special fund-raising appeal.

No, this devotion is simply saying that Jesus showed us we were important by making the sacrifices necessary to save us. You and I will show what is important to us by doing the same.

So, let me ask this: what is the cause for which you are willing to sacrifice? ______________

You'll have to fill in the blank yourself.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord Jesus, for Your sacrifice may I give thanks. May I offer my thanks in thought, word and deed. In Your Name. Amen.
TODAY'S QUIZ: Name one verse in Isaiah that talks about the Messiah.  I'll keep this up until someone answers it.)
Question:  For what threefold office was Christ anointed?
Answer: As a prophet Christ preached personally during his life on earth, validating his own miracles, especially His resurrection; and through the preached Gospel today he still proclaims Himself to be the Son of God and Redeemer of the word.  As a priest he fulfilled the Law perfectly in our stead (active obedience), sacrificed Himself for our sins (passive obedience), and still pleads for us with His heavenly Father (intercession).  As king he rules with His almighty power over all creation (the kingdom of power-- all creatures), governs and protects especially His church (the kingdom of grace-- the church on earth), and finally leads his church to glory in heaven.
MONDAY -FRIDAY- VBS; Jump into the River of Life; supper 5:30; FUN 6-8pm
Wed- Ladies Aid (mite box ingathering) 1pm; newsletter deadline
Sat- Men's Retreat 9am-8pm; worship 5pm
Sun- worship 9; Sunday school and Bible class 10:15; worship 11am 
We have had a record attendance at right around 120 people, three baptisms (Kaisley Kadelyn, and Kenzie Huster were all baptized last night), ids have gotten wet and learned the stories of creation and the flood, and had a blast!  It all continues tonight beginning with chicken nuggets and apples for supper, and then the story of Moses as a baby and then as an adult crossing the Red Sea.  Come and join us!!
It will be a very relaxing time with lots of good food, fellowship, and a bit of God's Word. 
Come and go as you need to.  $25 per person.  Make checks payable to Walt Schirr.  WE NEED TO KNOW ASAP HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE THERE SO PLEASE CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE TODAY TO LET US KNOW!!!
In adult Bible class this week we will be studying the concept of "The Certainty of Faith". 
The kids do a short video based devotion, have some fun time, and do a neat craft to take home!! 
 Please join us and grow in your faith along with the rest of us!!! 
PROJECTOR SCHEDULE  (Please help to fill the dates!!)
July 21- Pamb
July 22- 8:30-  Don and Ann Panhorst                     11-
July 28- Pamb 
July 29- 8:30- Don and Ann Panhorst                      11-
Aug 4-
Aug 5- 8:30- Denise Schlesselmann                       11- Mckenzie
Aug 11-  Mckenzie
Aug 12- 8:30- Don and Ann Panhorst                      11-
Aug 18-
Aug 19- 8:30-  Julie Schaumberg                     11-
Aug 25-
Aug 26- 8:30-                       11- Mckenzie
Sept 1-
Sept 2- 8:30-                        11-
Sept 8-
Sept 9- 8:30-  Denise                      11-
Sept 15-
Sept 16- 8:30- Julie S                       11-
Sept 22-
Sept 23- 8:30-                       11-
Sept 29- Mckenzie
Sept 30- 8:30-                       11-
Oct 6-
Oct 7- 8:30- Denise                          11-
Oct 13-
Oct 14- 8:30-                         11-
Oct 20-
Oct 21- 8:30-  Julie S.                        11- Mckenzie
Oct 27- Mckenzie
Oct 28- 8:30-                          11-
Nov. 3-
Nov. 4-  8:30- Denise                          11-
Nov. 10-
Nov. 11- 8:30-                         11-
Nov. 17- Mckenzie
Nov. 18- 8:30-  Julie S.                       11-
Nov. 24- Mckenzie 
Nov. 25- 8:30-                         11-
Dec. 1-
Dec. 2- 8:30- Denise                          11-
Dec. 5- (Midweek Advent 1) Mckenzie
Dec. 8-
Dec. 9- 8:30-                            11-
Dec. 12- (Midweek Advent 2) Mckenzie
Dec. 15-
Dec. 16- 8:30- Julie S.                          11-
Dec. 19- (Midweek Advent 3)  mckenzie
Dec. 22-
Dec. 23- 8:30-  Mckenzie                        11-
Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve)  7pm    Mckenzie                        11pm
Dec. 25 (Christmas day) 9am
Denise Schlesselmann is again organizing a blood drive with the Red Cross for the beginning of August.  She has lists of people that need to be called and informed of the blood drive.   Please email her at to let her know you can help!!
July stewardship opportunity is the Concordia Seminary Food Bank to assist student families while attending school.
At the present time, we are only recommending money donations (rather than food items) so that the Food Bank may purchase perishables and other items most in need. 
For FARMERS AND MANY OTHERS WHO DEPEND ON WATER FOR THEIR LIVELIHOOD, as they all deal with this severe drought.
FOR KEN WAGNER as he is recovering well at Delmar Gardens from a broken hip.
For DOLORES DEBLAZE who continues to deal with treatments for cancer.
For GENE SIEBOLD as he has begun cheomotherapy treatments for esophogeal cancer.
For BOB LAMPEN, Karin Klaustermeier's dad, as he is struggling with his chemotherapy.
For CAROLINE BUELTMANN who is now at Jonesburg Nursing Home recovering from heart troubles.  
For JEANETTE KOEHLER who is continuing her therapy at Troy Nursing Home.