A short message about the tragedy in Connecticut

Today's tragic events show us that evil and Satan are both very present in the world. Satan is real folks. He is working in the hearts and lives of many to bring about tragedy and to hurt God's loved ones. And so we pray hard tonight. We pray that God's will is done, that He leads us not into temptation, and that He delivers us from the evil one. We pray for the parents, the community, and all who are ourning the loss of dear loved ones no matter what the age. And we say "Come quickly Lord Jesus. Come Holy Spirit and fill our hearts that we may know the consolation of Your love in the most tragic of times. Amen."

Thanks to our bell ringers!!

A special thanks to the following for ringing the bells at Walmart today!
Tony and Sandra Perricone
Don Nolte
Julie Schaumberg
Alan Hofeldt
John and Joanne Hachtel
Doug Walters
Steve and Sandy Robine 
Denise Schlesselmann
All the money they raised will go to help those in need in Warren County!!!