St. John's Group Email update on Roby McNew's brother Ken Meyer

Yesterday we had a setback…Ken's heart rate went really low and blood pressure too. This morning nurses said he was so lucid they couldn't believe it. He knew the college he went to, the year he graduated high school, what his job was, his brother Aaron's name and even read the nurses badge and said her name. He went to swallow therapy and ate food and chewed ice. They changed him over to hand feeding today. Then, later in the morning his blood pressure went way down again. He was out the rest of the day and finally late this evening, he woke up.


He asked if it was a dream or real. I told him it was real. Nurse was asking him a lot of questions. He asked are you all done asking me questions now? We said yes and asked if he wanted to ask us any questions. He said, "What is going on?" I told him the whole story (short version). He said, "I don't remember being in a coma." J He asked what proof there was that he was in a coma. Hahahaha He said, "all that happened without me?" I said, "You were the center of attention." We assured him he didn't have to go to work tomorrow and his grass was being mowed. He asked who was going to take care of him. I told him he could stay with me for a while, but not to worry about it now because he has to see how he does in therapy.


He ate applesauce, took his meds with applesauce, drank one med from a cup, drank water from a straw, ate more applesauce, ate peaches, ate chocolate ice cream. Told nurse he had to use the restroom. He went to sleep for a while and then woke up and asked if he really was at Barnes Hospital. Then he went to sleep again. He is still somewhat confused, but he is doing very good and has good recall memory. If he eats good Sunday, he may get to go to Rehab early, like maybe Monday. We had planned for Wednesday originally.


I tell him over and over he is a miracle!