A copy of The Story left at church

 Someone, at least two weeks ago, left their copy of The Story in the basement at church and hasn't claimed it.  It is in the office for you to pick up if it is yours. 

FW: Cedar Lake Cellars White Wine Pairing THIS Friday night 6/27 at 6:00 pm

From Linda Otto (daughter of Hank Schmidt),

I bet there are a few Church friends who would enjoy a relaxing Friday evening at Cedar Lake Cellars, just a few miles down the road!
Is there a better way to spend a Friday evening than with great food and 8 different wines?  Reservations are required! 
Here is what they are serving:
1st Course:      Jumbo Prawns in a Chipotle Lime butter sauce, with grilled baguette
Paired with Sua Frizzante
Cedar Lake Cellars Pinot Gris
2nd Course:     Field greens salad, with strawberries, pink grapefruit, sweetened pecans dressed with a creamy citrus dressing
Paired with Chateau Bonnet Sauvignon Blanc and
Cedar Lake Cellars Vignoles
3rd Course:     Open flame- grilled, bone-in chicken breast, with a sweetened citrus glace, orange zest, and red pepper as well as a grilled vegetable skewer and chipotle mashed sweet potatoes
Paired with Chateau Ste. Jean Fume Blanc and
Cedar Lake Cellars Chardonnay
4th Course:     Lemon custard tart topped with fresh berries
Paired with Bestitos Moscato and
Cedar Lake Cellars Sparkling Almond Wine
RSVP to Gina or Michelle at 636-745-9500
or Purchase tickets ($100 per couple, or $60 per individual) at
Sounds like a fun time!
Linda Otto

LWML convention update from Coleen Bottorff

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From: Coleen Bottorff
Date:06/23/2014 10:40 AM (GMT-06:00)
To: jeremy klaustermeier
Subject: LWML

Linda and I had a great trip to Kansas City and the convention this past weekend. We heard some interesting speakers and messages and enjoyed several skits. We elected several new officers - the new Missouri District president is from Perryville.  We adopted a budget for the next biennium that will fund 13 mission grants.(several will benefit the seminary)  We were allowed to bring home the St. Charles Zone banner that Joyce Luebke designed. You can take a look at it -  It is hanging in the sanctuary for everyone to see.  We will have it for a month or so and then it will go to another congregation to display.
In Christ,   Coleen

Libby Pailer Progress (From Larry Pailer)

Hi everyone! Saturday night I stayed with my beloved bride. The couch could have been a foot longer but I did Ok. I had brought one of Lib's quilts and it brought a big smile from her when she saw it. We went to supper together. I brought a deck of cards and she whopped me twice in gin rummy. This hospital stay has now slowed her game at all. We walked to the patio with her walker. It is quite aways. We do not need an aide to be with her now. Careful is the operative word. All in all we had a pleasant time. For the doubtful , no Hanky Panky went on. See!!! I know what you might be thinking. The Lord has blessed us both with your prayers. Tuesday we go to the hospital to get her staples out. Hopefully we might know when she can come home. i will keep all apraised as it happens. Love to all from Lib and Larry P

Monday, June 23, 2014

Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries
By Pastor Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour
Use these devotions in your newsletter and bulletin!  Used by permission; all rights reserved by the Int'l LLL (LHM).



June 23, 2014 
CPTLN foggy sunBlessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to His great mercy, He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 1 Peter 1:3
So, let's see the hands of those readers of the Daily Devotions who are getting older.

As far as I can tell from here, that includes just about everyone. Some of the folks who didn't hold up their hands say they didn't do so because they thought I would ask them to publicly reveal their age. Others didn't do so because they believe I can't see them from the keyboard of my computer.

The truth is we are all getting older, and not necessarily better. The things we used to do easily are now harder or impossible to accomplish. The illnesses we once shrugged off are now only conquered after a prolonged battle. Then, of course, there are the folks whose immune systems have been battered by chemotherapy.

Because all of this is true, many of us might easily find ourselves musing, "Wouldn't it be nice if we could restore those weakened immune systems?"

Well, it appears that scientists at the University of Southern California say they may have discovered a way to do just that. That way is: fasting. Yup. Fasting. When they put folks on a cycle of two-to-four-day fasts, which took place over a period of six months, the results were dramatic. As near as I can tell from their big words, the bodies of these folks ended up breaking down the old immune system and beginning with an almost new one.

Please remember the Daily Devotions are not designed to offer medical advice, and they certainly shouldn't be used to start some kind of procedure without a physician's blessing. All we are reporting is this: scientists think it is possible to jump start a new immune system.

Oh, there is one other thing this devotion is saying. We are also saying there is no way for anybody to regenerate a sinful soul. Scripture is plain: the soul that sins will die. (See Ezekiel 18:20.) Try as you will, you can't change that fact.

This is why we all need a Savior.

In 2 Corinthians 5:17, St. Paul tells us when we are in Christ, we have become a new creation, the old has passed away, and the new has come. Peter agrees with Paul and amplifies that concept when he says we have been born again to a living hope. (See 1Peter 1:3-9.)

Indeed, through the resurrection of the Savior, the eternal destiny is changed for all who are given faith in the Redeemer. Once they were destined to hell, but now they are headed toward heaven. Once there was no escape from damnation, but now salvation is their lot.

The rebirth the Savior brings about is a thing too wonderful for words. It may be too wonderful for words, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to express an everlasting thankfulness for God's gracious, blood-bought gift.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord Jesus, I give thanks that through Your life and resurrection I have been born again. May I live as a thankful person who is most grateful for this new lease on eternal life. In Your Name. Amen.

All too often the job of reaching others is left to others. That can be unfortunate. After all, there are times when YOU may be the best person to reach someone who is lost or wandering. If you have always wanted to know how to do such a sharing of the Savior, you may want to attend Lutheran Hour Ministries' SENT Outreach Conference, which is July 24-27 in Detroit. For more information, visit www.lhm.org/conference.
Pastor KlausIn Christ I remain His servant and yours,

Pastor Ken Klaus
Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour®
Lutheran Hour Ministries
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Today Read:
Song of Songs 4-5; Acts 7: 1-21
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YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:   How does God answer "How are we robbing you?" in the book of Malachi?  "Will a mere mortal rob God, yet you rob me.  But you ask 'How are we robbing you?' In tithes and offerings.  You are under a curse-- your whole nation-- because you are robbing me.  Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house....."  The Story p. 303
TODAY'S QUIZ:  How many years were there between the last of the O.T. prophets and the birth of Jesus?

Tues- Quilters 9-2; Bible study 11:30-12:15
Fri- Assemble newsletter 9am
Sat- Bible Study 4pm; worship 5; Adult Dinner at Donatelli's Bistro in Wenztville, Cocktails at 6; Dinner at 6:30
Sun- worship 8:30; Sunday school 9:45; worship 11

Acolytes- 8:30- Oliver Landwehr   11- Sam Johnson
Altar guild- Set up- Don and Dianne Hance; Clean Up-- Lynn Russell and Elaine Schauer
Greeters- 8:30- Paul and Cindy Klover ; 11- Mike and Naomi Johnson
Communion Assistants- Sat- John Hachtel ; 8:30- Rich Talbert; 11- Jim Rahn
Lay Readers- Sat- John Hachtel; 8:30- ????;  11am- Jim Rahn
8:30 Ushers- Alan Hofeldt, Tim Linke, Rich Talbert, Don Turnure
Projectors- Sat- Pam Bueltmann, 8:30- ????, 11- Kailyn Blechle
Sat pianist- Molly Hendershot

Especially those who helped to set up, serve, and clean up after lunch!  Your willingness and ability to serve is greatly appreciated always. 
Kelsey starts work today.  When you see her, introduce yourself, and invite her over for a meal or something so she can get to know you and your family and the whole St. John's community! 
There is still a space left for one person, adult or 7-12 grader to go, preferably a female.    We will be repairing and painting buildings, cleaning up trails, working with horses and working in the community with different outreach projects. 



Always remember and never forget what you RECEIVE in WORSHIP!  You get to hear words directly from God.  You get to have fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ, and those who are confirmed get to receive Christ's body and blood for the forgiveness of their sins.  Everyone gets to publicly confess their sinfulness and hear the DIRECT words of forgiveness of Christ through the pastor. 


There is nothing more important in the life of a Christian on Sunday morning than worship!


So far this Summer our worship attendance has been awful.  It is understandable if you are out of town, but if you are in town there is NO EXCUSE.  Just because it is Summer vacation from school and other things doesn't mean it should be Summer vacation from worship! 


God never takes a break from you and you shouldn't take a break from Him and His gifts either.  His gifts of His Word and His Sacraments are of utmost importance in your life and your family's life.  Please make every effort to be in worship for your own sake and for the sake of your brothers and sisters in Christ!


Make plans to be in worship this Saturday night or Sunday morning especially as we induct Kelsey Overbeck!


THERE IS STILL ROOM IN THE JULY 7-11 LITTLE LAMBS SUMMER CAMPS FOR 3-6 Year olds!!!  The theme for that camp is COOL SCIENCE!!  They will be doing some cool science experiments and learning all about the science of God's creation!!


FRIENDSHIP TREKI!!  VBS IS COMING UP JULY 14-18!!  "Kid Friendly" Supper at 5:30; VBS 6-8pm 

The theme is friendship and the Bible stories will revolve around different "friend" relationships throughout Scripture!!



Cocktails at 6pm, Dinner at 6:30

We will be able to order from the menu

Please sign the sheet in the narthex if you will be attending so reservations can be made. 

This is a social get together with church friends!  Come celebrate your birthday or anniversary.



Box seats are $9 per person!!  Get your tickets from John Hachtel today!  Don't delay! 



Flyers with all the information necessary are on the counter in the narthex. 


THE STORY: CHAPTER 22 "The Birth of a King" IS THIS WEEK!!!



PLEASE KEEP UP WITH YOUR READINGS AND COME TO BIBLE STUDY!!  I know it is difficult, but make time!  It is very important!


DONUT LIST NEEDS FILLING  (pun intended)!!!


If you are willing to sign up for a Sunday let me know by replying to this email and I will add you!!  Thanks


Please consider bringing donuts, muffins, or another kind of treat for our fellowship time.  Here are the dates:

June 29- Jim Rahn

July 6- Cal and Betty Tameler

July 13-

July 20-

July 27-

Aug 3-

Aug 10-

Aug 17-

Aug 24-

Aug 31-



Wonderful blaze orange t-shirts are for sale for $10 a piece to help support our board of outreach and evangelism's efforts and to raise money to provide for those in need.  Pick up your size today and put your $10 in the box provided!!!  They are located in the narthex (entry way) of church upstairs.

October 4--A DAY IN ST. LOUIS--  We will tour places that are hidden gems in St. Louis
Let Marilyn know if you are interested in either of these trip so she can make definite plans.

PRAYER REQUESTS:  (If you have a prayer request please reply to this email or call me at 636-359-1061)


For WENDELL ROEHRS as he recovers from surgery to remove a benign tumor from his brain stem.  He is doing well, but is a bit confused and will slowly regain all of his cognitive ability.


For LINDA KETTERER as she is recovering from thyroid surgery to remove her thyroid.  There was a very small amount cancer for which she will have to do a one time radiation treatment in pill form. 


For LIBBY PAILER, who is recovering from a broken pelvis at The Cedars in Chesterfield.


For ED KOHRS, as he is recovering from blood clots in his legs and lungs and as he mourns the loss of his wife as well.   


For DENISE SCHLESSELMANN, as she left yesterday for her summer mission trip to the Silesian province of the Czech Republic.  Pray that all things work out well and it turns into a full time mission.

For KELSEY OVERBECK, as she moves this week into Denise's house and as she begins her service to the Lord here at St. John's on Sunday.
For LINDA CALLIES AND COLLEEN BOTTORFF as they travel to KC for the Missouri District LWML convention, for their safety and for a productive and God pleasing convention.
For THE STARK FAMILY as they are gong through many tough struggles right now.


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